Poem : Angels of The Sick

Angels of The Sick

A nurse is an earthly angel. He has a special gift to help you heal. With his simple touch and calming voice, He shows you how much he cares. A nurse is a very wise person. When you feel deep distress, He’ll talk to you and sit down for a minute Trying to make you … Read more

How Guardian Angels Help Us

How Guardian Angels Help Us

“Catholic belief”, writes Father Husslein, S.J. “does not rest with merely acknowledging the existence of guardian spirits given us by God. It goes further and asserts as of absolute certainty that every human being has his/her own Guardian Angel. In the next place, it is also a universal Catholic belief that not merely every just … Read more

Raphael : The Angel of Commoners

Raphael The Angel of Commoners

Raphael is an angel who brings compassion and healing. The Story of Raphael’s Intervention The book of Tobit talks about angel Raphael. Tobit was a commoner. He was not a king or even a prophet. He lived outside Judea in a strange country that belonged to the Chaldeans. The Chaldeans hated the Jews and many Jews … Read more