How Guardian Angels Help Us

How Guardian Angels Help Us

“Catholic belief”, writes Father Husslein, S.J. “does not rest with merely acknowledging the existence of guardian spirits given us by God. It goes further and asserts as of absolute certainty that every human being has his/her own Guardian Angel. In the next place, it is also a universal Catholic belief that not merely every just … Read more

Reluctance To Seek The Will Of God

Reluctance To Seek The Will Of God

Most of us are reluctant to seek first the Will of God. Read this story below. As the child entered his neighbor’s house, he found all of them very unhappy and gloomy. He thought that some thing unpleasant had happened to them. As he arrived home, he asked his mother; ‘Mother, why are they so … Read more

Lord, I Need Your Help

Lord I Need Your Help

Something that made me pause and take a step back and before the creepy thought could enter my heart, I just said “Lord I need your help”. The Bible has everything (2 Timothy 3:16) to give us whatever we seek, yet I wanted a practical understanding which will not only make my mind clear but … Read more

No Regrets

Praying before bed

Isn’t it good at the end of the day, To look up at God and be able to say, “Dear Lord, I helped someone today.” But isn’t it sad if instead we must say, “Dear Lord, I hurt someone today, I drove the nails a little bit deeper, And forgot that I am my brother’s … Read more

Am I A Good Neighbour?

Am I a good neighbour

It is striking to note that the man attacked by the enemy in the parable has no name. It can be anyone. The Parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the best parables Jesus narrated in the gospels. The ultimate goal of every human person’s life is to inherit eternal life. The lawyer who … Read more