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September 16th, 2012

How Guardian Angels Help Us

How Guardian Angels Help Us

“Catholic belief”, writes Father Husslein, S.J. “does not rest with merely acknowledging the existence of guardian spirits given us by God. It goes further and asserts as of absolute certainty that every human being has his/her own Guardian Angel. In the next place, it is also a universal Catholic belief that not merely every just man, every child of grace, but in fact every single human being here upon earth, whether Christian or non-Christian, whether in grace or in sin, actually remains during its entire life under the care of a Guardian Angel. It suffices to describe this as absolutely certain. Moreover, it is generally held that each human being has its own distinct Guardian Angel not assigned to anyone else.”

The words of our Lord also point to this conclusion: ‘See that you despise not one of these little ones. For, I say to you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.’

How Guardian Angles Help Us

1. In warding off dangers to body and soul
2. In preventing Satan’s suggesting evil thoughts and in removing occasions of sin and helping us to overcome temptation.
3. In enlightening and instructing us and fostering in us holy thoughts and pious desires.
4. In offering to God our prayers and in praying for us
5. In correcting us if we sin
6. In helping us in the agony of death, in strengthening and comforting us.
7. In conducting our souls to heaven or to purgatory to console us there.

It is thus our Guardian Angels watch over us, keep us, lead us. They see in their charges, souls of priceless value since they were redeemed by the Blood of God.
Although they cannot penetrate the inner sanctuary of human hearts which God has reserved for himself, they do all they can to help us. However, it is in our power by an act of our free will to expose our intimate thoughts to our angelic companion. And it is to our advantage for such confidence in his enlightened guidance is of great benefit to our soul.

After God and our Blessed Mother, he is surely our best friend, and if we really love him, we will have no secrets to hide from him. We do not sensibly perceive him. We hear no whispered warnings in our ear. Our hands cannot touch him nor do our eyes look up to him. Yet invisibly he is with us. From the first moment of life he guards us and he will not have completed his task until as we trust, we shall gaze with him in glory on the vision of God.

Solicitude of our Angel Guardians

Father Faber, one of the greatest writers over the celestial beings, touchingly describes the solicitude of our Angel Guardians: ‘Ever at our side is being lived a golden life. A princely Spirit is there, who sees God and enjoys the bewildering splendors of His face even there where He is, nearer than the limits of our outstretched arms. An unseen warfare is waging round our steps, but that beautiful Spirit lets not so much as the sound of it vex our ears. He fights for us and asks no thanks, but hides his silent victories and continues to gaze upon God. His tenderness for us is above all words. His office will last beyond the grace, until at length it merges into a still sweeter tie of something like heavenly equality, when on the morning of the resurrection we pledge each other, in those first moments, to an endless blessed love.

Till then we shall never know from how many dangers he has delivered us, nor how much of our salvation is actually due to him. Meanwhile he merits nothing by the solicitudes of his office. He is beyond the power of meriting, for he has attained the sight of God. His work is a work of love, because his sweet presence at our side he knows to be a part of God’s eternal creative love towards our particular soul.’ Read more about Guardian Angels.

In him we have an unseen friend and benefactor, an intimate and never-failing companion in our journey through life. How often perhaps have we almost felt his presence and his power upbearing and rescuing us from danger! How indeed shall we ever repay him for the love that he has shown us? Let us ask the Precious Blood to be our thank-offering for so great a favor as his companionship.

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– – – written by Mark Winston

September 6th, 2012

Reluctance To Seek The Will Of God

Seek The Will Of God

Most of us are reluctant to seek first the Will of God. Read this story below.

As the child entered his neighbor’s house, he found all of them very unhappy and gloomy. He thought that some thing unpleasant had happened to them. As he arrived home, he asked his mother; ‘Mother, why are they so gloomy?’

‘Because the local court has judged against them and so they failed the case.’ Mother replied. ‘So what will they do?’ the child enquired curiously. ‘They can appeal in the district court for a favorable decision,’ said the Mother.

‘Suppose that decision too is against them?’ the child could not control his eagerness. ‘They will go to the High Court.’ ‘And then, if it is also against?’ ‘They can approach the Supreme Court.’ ‘If they could not find justice in the Supreme court, what should they do?’

Mother was a little perplexed but replied with much insight. ‘If the Supreme court’s decision is not favoring them, they can find consolation only in God’s court.’ The child asked; ‘Then why shouldn’t they go straight to God’s court than going through these lower courts?’

First and foremost seek God’s help

Man turns to God when they are against the walls. As they find it is fruitless to depend on power, money, hard work, knowledge and influence, they turn to God as the last means to escape. But this should not be the way of the children of God. They should first and foremost seek God’s help. Before assessing the pros and cones and making calculations, we should seek the Will of God.

The reason for many failures are the reluctance to seek the Will of God. First, we should go to the court of God. If we trust His court, we could avoid many cases filed in the earthly courts. It is when we try to be gods that we journey through the roads of power and fight. There we try to win and defeat others.

Like Job, the suffering man of the Old Testament, we should be able to say, ‘It is God who imparts justice for me.’ The Lord is our true helper. Real help comes from God who has created the heaven and earth. Therefore we should first seek God’s help in our adversities. Hence we could avoid much unnecessary troubles in our life.

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Let us pray: God we believe that the ultimate help comes from you, the Mighty One. Lord of lords and King of kings, increase our faith so that we may wait for your justice and reward. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

March 7th, 2012

Lord, I Need Your Help

Lord I Need Your Help

Something that made me pause and take a step back and before the creepy thought could enter my heart, I just said “Lord I need your help”. The Bible has everything (2 Timothy 3:16) to give us whatever we seek, yet I wanted a practical understanding which will not only make my mind clear but also to others when I speak.

You might wonder what he is up to! This is a testimony child in Christ and I sincerely would like to share with you. For sure somewhere it would assist you. Last week I came to know a situation whereby a close person whom I know very well did it again, something that is unpleasant, something that could have been avoided or even could have asked for help of assistance that could make things better. I gave my advice with a stern holy anger just to have the ship sailing in the right direction and yes, I did quote scriptures for giving the strength.

Our human nature by default makes us defensive and reacts and the same thing happened informing me not to give my priestly advice or quote scriptures from the Bible but to look into my own self. We are all made sinners, brothers and sisters in Christ by default and are destined to die but God looks at a repented heart!

I love St. Peter and his boldness to speak to Jesus where he does not give him any chance other than to say “YES”. I love this scripture to my heart (Mathew 14:28-31), Jesus can save us in the nick of time provided we fulfil the condition, we speak out “save me Lord” with a truly sincere and repented heart. Just say, “Lord, I need your help”.

We have our teacher who clearly told us not to judge (Mathew 7:1-6) hence I put my request in prayers for understanding (Psalm 32:8).

Two scriptures summarised to my answer:-

Luke 4:18

Clearly informs each and every one of us our mission for which we are on Earth (a transit point before our departure to the final destination). We need to make the very best use of the transit duration for which there is no second chance because the boarding card is issued without the flight details. It is because of God’s grace the manifest is changed to prepare ourselves on our last shopping. Every goodness has been given to us by the Son of God with his final breath on the cross “It is finished”.

Finish from poverty with wealth, finish from sickness with good health, finish from sin with forgiveness, just everything of goodness from God. We need to exercise this authority with the helper that Jesus gave us who can reveal the truth about God (John 14:16) and who will stay with us forever.

Mathew 13:3-9

Jesus clearly has stated that the Parable of the Sower is the key to all his teaching (Mark 4:13). Our duty as God’s children is to sow the word of God in ourselves and in others. We need not see where the seed would fall, on sinful or good Christians, believers or non believers, rich or poor, just everyone we can minister in God’s faith. If we take a practical example of a farmer, does he selectively sows the seed only on good soil or he just scatters over the land with a faith of good crop? We just need to bring the raw material to God in good form and God will create the finish and finest product that is worth taking home in our hearts.

Let us sow the seeds and see the fruits in our spiritual eye, because for God everything is possible (Luke 18:27). God bless you.

– – – written by Tome de Souza

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