Lord, I Need Your Help

Lord I Need Your Help

Something that made me pause and take a step back and before the creepy thought could enter my heart, I just said “Lord I need your help”. The Bible has everything (2 Timothy 3:16) to give us whatever we seek, yet I wanted a practical understanding which will not only make my mind clear but also to others when I speak.

You might wonder what he is up to! This is a testimony child in Christ and I sincerely would like to share with you. For sure somewhere it would assist you. Last week I came to know a situation whereby a close person whom I know very well did it again, something that is unpleasant, something that could have been avoided or even could have asked for help of assistance that could make things better. I gave my advice with a stern holy anger just to have the ship sailing in the right direction and yes, I did quote scriptures for giving the strength.

Our human nature by default makes us defensive and reacts and the same thing happened informing me not to give my priestly advice or quote scriptures from the Bible but to look into my own self. We are all made sinners, brothers and sisters in Christ by default and are destined to die but God looks at a repented heart!

I love St. Peter and his boldness to speak to Jesus where he does not give him any chance other than to say “YES”. I love this scripture to my heart (Mathew 14:28-31), Jesus can save us in the nick of time provided we fulfil the condition, we speak out “save me Lord” with a truly sincere and repented heart. Just say, “Lord, I need your help”.

We have our teacher who clearly told us not to judge (Mathew 7:1-6) hence I put my request in prayers for understanding (Psalm 32:8).

Two scriptures summarised to my answer:-

Luke 4:18

Clearly informs each and every one of us our mission for which we are on Earth (a transit point before our departure to the final destination). We need to make the very best use of the transit duration for which there is no second chance because the boarding card is issued without the flight details. It is because of God’s grace the manifest is changed to prepare ourselves on our last shopping. Every goodness has been given to us by the Son of God with his final breath on the cross “It is finished”.

Finish from poverty with wealth, finish from sickness with good health, finish from sin with forgiveness, just everything of goodness from God. We need to exercise this authority with the helper that Jesus gave us who can reveal the truth about God (John 14:16) and who will stay with us forever.

Mathew 13:3-9

Jesus clearly has stated that the Parable of the Sower is the key to all his teaching (Mark 4:13). Our duty as God’s children is to sow the word of God in ourselves and in others. We need not see where the seed would fall, on sinful or good Christians, believers or non believers, rich or poor, just everyone we can minister in God’s faith. If we take a practical example of a farmer, does he selectively sows the seed only on good soil or he just scatters over the land with a faith of good crop? We just need to bring the raw material to God in good form and God will create the finish and finest product that is worth taking home in our hearts.

Let us sow the seeds and see the fruits in our spiritual eye, because for God everything is possible (Luke 18:27). God bless you.

– – – written by Tome de Souza

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  1. The natural course of redemption lye’s not in the search of truth, but rather the acceptance of God (faith). Truth will forever be on the horizon. I love the lord, the spark of light, the manifestation of consciousness, and celebrate the revelations of life.

    I have no fear in praying to the Lord, the God of universal creation. In times of fear, loss, and the celebration of good and positive times. For those who look beyond the precipice, look with the knowledge of what has gone before.


  2. My dear Lord, I really need your help. I have not kept my words and promises I made. But I repent and am asking for forgiveness. Lord every loging and merciful God. I really beg you for a good Job. You know lord I have to take care of my parents and keep all promises I made to the women I love so much… Please have mercy lord… In your most holy name Father and in the name of my saviour Jesus Christ I forgive everyone who has done anything against me and I ask for forgiveness for all wrong I did… Pls save me from the humilation and bless me to keep all promises I made to my parents and the women I love so much… May I never lose their love and affection cause of my faults… May I never lose you again my God… I love you God… Thank you God…

  3. Lord have done some wrongs in the past, I seek for your forgiveness oh Lord. Lord my nation Nigeria is unto your hands oh Lord, let live in one unity, love & let us realize what you have invested in us. My business is unto your hands, I pray things goes smoothly this year.

  4. Dear God please forgive my wind and please please bring peace and happiness to my son and this family

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