Complaint Without Desiring A Solution

Complaint Without Desiring A Solution

One day Mulla Nazirudheen reached the post office and spoke very seriously; ‘I would like to register a complaint.’ Post master asked eagerly; ‘What is your problem?’

“For three days my wife is not at home. You must search for her and find out.” Post Master cooled himself down and said; “Mulla, you are supposed to give this complaint in the police station. Look, just at the other side of the road, there is the police station.”

Mulla Nazirudheen was very angry. He said; “I know that the complaint is to be filed in the police station. But I would like to give this complaint here.”

Post Master was in a dilemma. He told Mulla, “We have no right or power to search for a missing person. That’s up to the Police. Therefore you should give a complaint in the police station. They will find out your wife.”

“It is because of the same reason, that I will never give a complaint there. Last time when she left from the house, I was thinking of having some leisure time free from all trouble. But neighbors forced me to find her out and I filed a complaint in the police station. They found my wife and brought her home. This time too, the neighbors are forcing me to give a complaint. Therefore you should help me.

Receive this complaint here. If anyone asks me of giving the complaint, I could give them a positive answer. No one may ask where I have given the complaint. If I give a complaint in the police station, they may find out my wife. Let me live happily, at least for a month. After that I myself will find her out.”

——————— ———————

The reason for giving a complaint is solving the problem. But sometimes as Mulla Nazirudheen, we complaint without desiring a solution. Some people complain of sickness most of the times. It is a painful fact that at times they prefer to remain sick. Their aim is to get sympathy from others. They may have an inner thirst for love, care, consideration and appreciation from others.

People use sickness to cover up their failures and irresponsibility. Whatever medication or whoever be the doctor their sickness remains unhealed. Because they are not eager to lead a healthy life.

The spiritual aridity of many lies in the fact that they search for blessings but not the one who gives the blessings. Many are worried of the sins they commit, but prefer to enjoy the pleasures of sin. They may not eagerly thirst for a holy life. We are attracted to what we desire. For those who search God with whole mind and heart, He will reveal Himself. We are yet to learn to search God with whole heart, mind and soul.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to pray with a whole heart and thirst for you with a sincere mind. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

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