Prayer of The Depressed

Prayer of The Depressed

O glorious St. Michael, the Archangel, leader of the angels who stood against Lucifer and his devils, I stand before you with a broken heart, weighed down by problems which I cannot understand nor solve.

Your sword was instrumental in the defeat of Satan, the prince of darkness. I beseech you – help me withstand this darkness that engulfs me and my life. Protect me from negative thoughts and lift my spirit whenever I feel that everything will go wrong. Lead me to a total trust and confidence in God.

As you surrender your will to Him, give me the same courage to follow you. Let me savor how it is to live in the light of God who gives meaning to everything  that happens to us. Guide me to understand the CROSS of JESUS so that my sorrow will be my salvation.

Let me see the hand of God in all events of my life so that I may always hope that something good will come out from the bad things that happened to me.

Accompany me, St. Michael, in this difficult journey to find new meaning and purpose to my life. Light your sword in this darkness so that I may see Jesus and His Mother, Mary. Someday, may we see each other in the bliss of heaven, where all tears will be wiped away. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Prayer of The Depressed”

  1. This prayer should be direct to Jesus and not Angel Michael. He is but a created being, why not ask Jesus to lead and guide you instead?

  2. David,

    We who are Catholic believe that Saints and Angels act as intermediaries. That they can PRAY for us, too. Note that in the second statement we state that Michael’s sword defeated Satan. Lies of Satan encourage and increase depression, so one who defeated the creator of those lies is a strong ally. Does your Priest or Pastor not lead you? I can see no problem asking someone close to God to help me see him, when all I can see is DARKNESS… and as a depressive, there are times that IS all I see. But in the 3rd statement, we are reminded that Michael DOES bend his will to God. Angels are messengers of God. Always have been. So I really see no wrong in asking his help from the Valley of the Shadow of Death that depression is. Make no mistake, Messengers will not save us, only Jesus can. But they can bring messages of hope, and I often need those.


  3. As its is said by the Jesus Christ – I’m the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. –

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