Smart Way To Break Stress

Smart Way To Break Stress

Stress has become a common word today. Many undergo it and seldom know how to overcome it.

Usually when someone goes through a stressful season, his mind would be full of himself. “Look at me, why am I going through this? Why has God allowed this? No one cares for me. Oh, poor me!” In other words, his eyes are stuck on himself and his challenges.

It’s not completely wrong thinking about one’s challenges. But when someone’s mind is full of himself, he tends to think that he is the only one on this universe going through such challenges! But the truth is, there are a whole lot of people going through similar – even worse – issues.

If not handled properly, this attitude can lead him to self pity and isolation. This would make the problem more complex. But there is a way out!

To some it may appear as naive while some others may consider it as burdensome. But here’s that smart way for you to break stress: try reaching out to others!

How does it work? Simple: it compels you to take your eyes off of yourself and fix your gaze on somebody else who is hurting. Though the initiation may seem to be hard or idiotic, in the process of doing so, you forget your troubles and would have the satisfaction of helping someone who was in real need.

Check this out: “If you are generous with the hungry and start giving yourselves to the down-and-out, your lives will begin to glow in the darkness, your shadowed lives will be bathed in sunlight” (Isaiah 58:10 MSG).

If I want to get into somebody else’s shoes, I got to do something important – I must get rid of my shoes! This is one of the smart keys to overcoming stress.

When you find stress making you a “friend request”, push the “don’t know” button and “chat” with somebody who is hurting or “retweet” an encouraging word to a discouraged soul! You could even help the hungry with a food packet or help the needy financially. This will burst stress and you could handle your challenges with a clear mind. And that’s smart living!

– – – written by Joe Abraham

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