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Jesuswonder is a wonder filled project where creativity and hi-tech unites to give birth to a miracle serial that can change the face of the world.  The truth of the Word of God like the “double edged sword” will delve into the hearts and mind of children and young people. It is designed to onset a spiritual revolution in the younger generation whose personality is being malformed by the onslaught of modern culture.

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Our target is to produce 40 animated films (short and long) of Bible miracles and events in the life of Christ and make them available for free world wide in websites, web TVs,  satellite TVs, VCDs, DVDs and other electronic media in all the world languages. Episodes:

1. Cleansing the Leper
2. Blind Man
3. Wedding at Cana
4. Tree withered
5. Ear of Malchus
6. Centurion’s Servant
7. Unclean woman
8. Man with Dropsy
9. Dumb man
10. Jairus’s daughter
11. Two Demoniacs
12. Possessed man
13. Epileptic boy
14. Withered hand
15. Barthimaeus
16. Calming the sea
17. Feeding 5000
18. Lazarus raised
19. Man at Bethsaida
20. Deaf man
21. Coin in fish
22. Healing of the paralytic
23. Two blind men
24. Widow’s son
25. Blind and dumb man
26. Gentile’s daughter
27. Ten lepers
28. First catch of fish
29. Walking over the water
30. Second catch of fish
31. Zacchaeus on Tree
32. Woman caught in Adultery
33. Prodigal Son
34. Passion
35. The Way of the Cross
36. Crucifixion
37. Resurrection
38. Stoning Stephen
39. Healing crippled beggar
40. Stoning of St. Paul

Jesuswonder, is an evangelizing initiative, has no other support than Lord’s Providence working through the good will of people. If you are inspired please join hands with us to reach out across the world to children in whom the future lies.

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We need more representatives for distribution in various languages in all countries. Those who are interested may please contact:

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