Bible Software In Modern Life

Bible Software In Modern Life

Perhaps one of the simplest ways in which to commune with God is through study of the Bible. Bible study provides every one of us the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with God by better understanding His word. God has provided His children with the answers they need; they just need to look for them. That is what Bible Study is about.

As with any relationship-strengthening tool, Bible study takes commitment. Making time to read the Bible daily, to absorb its lessons and to better comprehend the expectations of God for each of us can be difficult. Bible software can help by combining the word of God with modern technology. Even if there are TV programs that are dedicated in spreading the words of God but Bible software is more manageable.

Bible software is available for PC and Mac as well as iPad, iPhone and soon, Android-powered devices. There are so many bible software packages that you can find and purchase. There are packages that are sold under a user license. This lets you load the software on multiple computers instead of having to buy a separate package for every device. Because you don’t have to have separate licenses for your devices, you can sync them all, which allows you to leave off on one and pick up on another. Some even have a mobile web version that lets you access much of your library even if none of your devices are available.

Bible software is more than just Biblical text; it is a digital library. In addition to several translations of the Bible – and the original texts – users have access to hundreds of scholarly texts. These additional resources can help students, pastors, and scholars by putting resources at their fingertips with a single software package. You can start with a basic package and then add to it if and when you see the need.

Because this is a digital library, storage is not an issue. Users have access to between 30 and 1700 books, depending on the package, without needing a single inch of shelf-space. Access to such a library has not been available before on such a large-scale. Many works were previously only available to scholars who were able to travel to the location of the text. Now, anyone can deepen their understanding of the Bible with these works, and they can take them anywhere.

Developing and deepening one’s personal relationship with God can be as simple as studying the Bible. The simple act of reading the verses and reflecting on their meaning can have a profound effect on those who believe. Whether you are merely looking to read multiple versions of the Bible, have access to the Bible in different languages, or are ready to delve into scholarly discussions and interpretations of the Bible, Bible software can help you on your journey.

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8 thoughts on “Bible Software In Modern Life”

  1. I am torn over the use of modern technology to study the bible. Of course studying the bible everyday is important when building our relationship with God by better understanding His word. But if God had wanted us to study the bible on iPads, I’m confused as to why there is no mention of iPads in the bible.

    Studying the bible with modern technology seems to suggest to me that the bible is outdated, or that we can make changes to the words in the bible to fit our modern lifestyle. People who read the bible with technology seem to be doubting God’s wisdom given that He makes no mention of technology.

    Shouldn’t we follow the word of God our father as it is in the bible and study His word the way he intended? Isn’t using an iPad almost the same as suggesting that perhaps we should consider things like gay marriage and abortion in reference to our more modern times and make sacrifices there too? This is the argument so many evil atheists meet. I feel like using an iPad only adds fuel to their (hell)fire.

  2. If you say Ipad is not mentioned in the Bible, neither it mentioned about paper?!!. They are all part of technology development.

    It is God’s word, doesn’t matter whether it is written on a palm leave, leather parchment, PC or Ipad. It is our trust and Obedients matters, my friend.

  3. Isaiah 19:7 The paper reeds by the brooks, by the mouth of the brooks, and every thing sown by the brooks, shall wither, be driven away, and be no more.

    2 John 1:12 Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full.

    The Book of Tobit 7:14 And called Edna his wife, and took paper, and did write an instrument of covenants, and sealed it.

    Enjoy Hell, Raj.

  4. To TheRealJohnson,

    With all due respect and Christian love…are you serious? By your logic the only way God’s Word should be read is by holding the actual parchments on which the original writers of the text wrote. The Bible says nothing of modern paper technology (the translation of the word “paper” that you used above is itself a “modern” interpretation for something that was very unlike the paper we have now), the binding of books together (the original texts of the Bible, as you know, were not bound together in a single volume), the use of modern inks, laser printers, and the use of hundreds of languages not found anywhere in the original manuscripts.

    Do you really and truly believe that the essence of the truth of the Word of God is found in the material on which is found? Jesus and the apostles taught that the only way that the Word of God become useful and affective in our lives is if it is written on our hearts. The intermediary form is not nearly as important. The fact that God never told us how his Word should be read, but rather how is should be lived, makes this a non-issue. In other words, the “form” of the Word is not important…the “function” is the thing that we must guard with all integrity.

    Let’s work together, my friend and brother, to share the Good News of what God has done through Jesus Christ by all means possible.


  5. To Deil,

    I understand your points, but it seems clear to me that, if the bible were meant to be read through modern means, those modern means would be mentioned in the bible.

    Are you trying to suggest that the bible is missing parts or that it should be interpreted and altered to fit more modern times??

    It seems to me that making exceptions about omitted content is to call into question the validity of the bible as an appropriate tool for guiding our Christian hearts in a modern world.

    Your interpretation suggests that the bible is “just a book” written by whomever felt the need to add to it and you seem to be suggesting that it’s an archaic, outdated tome that is really just a reflection of the times it was written in and not a transliteration of the word of God.

    If your point of view is true, and the bible is up for modern interpretation, that would call into question the book that I’ve always used to guide my life; including my intolerance of homosexuals, my shunning of promiscuous women, the manner in which I hit my children, and even my approach to blended fabrics.

    I’m pretty we sure we can all agree that the bible provides bang on and timeless guidance in all those areas, so it must therefore also be true that, if God wanted us to use modern technology, he would have asked someone to jot that down the ol’ book too. Right?

  6. Technology doesn`t matter the focus of attention is to pray and meditate the Word of God.

    Jesus didn`t say if you believe in this book you will be saved.

    And so, we are grateful that we have been offered this great chance to read the bible on many electronic devices, and again it is not the thing but the faith in Jesus who is going to save the world.

    Happy Easter.

  7. Matthew 28:16-20. This part of the bible is call the “Great Commission”. Christ gave the charge for you and I to reach the whole world with the gospel, but this passage did not mention how, when and means. God has given us the wisdom and He expect us to maximize it. Who taught our church how to conduct church services, this was not explained in the bible. The bible says we have been given all we needed to live a godly life. It important that we STOP creating rule where the bible has not created any. Whatever is good, what ever is noble, what ever is praise worthy, that the bible ask me and you to promote. Using the bible on all technologies will only enhance the gospel. There are some today who will never be able to hold a copy of the bible in there hands, but they can here the word of God over the radio, and from there phones, this is God’s plan. Men will say what will profit their ways, but God’s word is clear, He gave you and me the will to be creative and make the gospel attractive to all.

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