Rexband Video : Hallelujah Praise The Lord

Watch the above Rexband video of the Sonrise album song ‘Hallelujah Praise The Lord’ performed on stage by Rexband.

The best thing about the above video clip is that Rexband has also included the Lyrics of the song in this video clip. Hallelujah Praise The Lord song is my favorite from their album Sonrise. Many other songs from the Sonrise album are too good and I would recommend Sonrise album to anyone.

I hope this Jesus Youth music band – Rexband is well known to all of you. To know more about Rexband, please goto Rexband Details page.

4 thoughts on “Rexband Video : Hallelujah Praise The Lord”

  1. I went in search of ‘living waters flow on’song.I sliped(turned back)into ‘turn back to GOD’.This is first time I am listening/watching REXBAND.One by one I am listening to the songs.I liked(loved) all the songs sofar.I am sure I am going to like(love)the entire album.I am yet to go to the pages.
    GOD has blessed you all already.

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