Poem : Who Am I To Say

Who Am I To Decide

Lord Who am I to say
What will become
Of my spouse?

Who am I to say
He will never
Come home?

Who am I to decide
His fate
And feel hopeless?

From the depths of my Heart
Do I know him
As You do?

Is my desire not less than Yours
That all souls shall
Come home to you?

You are my hope
You are all I need
You are the God of Miracles

You are the One
Who was and is,
And is to come

You are here Father
Today and tomorrow

Your love never changes
It is we that turn
From your unending love

Draw us Lord
The Holy Spirit taps my Heart
By the spoken Word

Who am I but to obey you
To pray for him
And to be a witness?

I yield myself to you
And yield my spouses soul
To your mercy

After all he is yours
Maybe I just don’t see it
At this moment

Lord I yield my will
To Yours.
Your will be done.

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson

3 thoughts on “Poem : Who Am I To Say”

  1. Joyce,
    Yes these Spirit filled words come forth and are given to me by the Power of the Holy Spirit. I am compelled to write them. Thank You for your comments, see more Poetry submissions by me,Cyndi Robinson enter my name in search box on Turn Back TO God.

  2. Touched my inner. Please send me these types of GOD verses to my email for free.

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