Poem : My Soul Is Fed

Soul Food is Love

I am joined to Christ
In the Mass

The mystery of union
In Him, through Him, with Him
In the unity of the Holy Spirit

Transcending Mortal Life
To partake in spiritual union
My soul is fed

Mass illumines me
Joins me to Christ’s Heart

By assimilating His body and blood
I am bonded to His soul and divinity

Is there a better way
Than the Mass?

Bread and Wine
Become Christ
By the power of God

Through the sacraments
Of the Church
And Holy Priesthood.

Christ is the new manna
My bread from Heaven
I shall eat and live!

The arc of the covenant laws
Shattered by Christ at the Cross,

Divine and human nature united
By Mary’s Fiat to become
The new arc and deliver
The very son of God

He is The Way,
The Truth, The Life
No one comes to the Father
Except through HIM.

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson

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