Poem : Troubles in Life

Troubles sent to God

I had so many troubles and was filled with grief.
I didn’t know where to turn to get some relief.

Life didn’t seem fair; I just couldn’t get a break.
I wondered how much more could I take?

I knew others had problems far worse than mine.
How did they manage to get through it just fine?

I wondered if God loved them more; couldn’t He see
How much I was hurting? Didn’t He care about me?

Did He help them out and carry them through?
I thought talking to Him was what I ought to do.

I said, “God, are you listening? Do I matter to you?
Do you care about me? Can you give me a clue?”

Then I heard a voice within my own head.
I knew it was God and here’s what He said.

“My love is much greater than you could possibly know.
I know you so well; I see you wherever you go.

But you’ve had no place for me in your life.
You don’t turn to me, not even in strife.

You wanted to manage your life on your own.
I don’t go where I’m not wanted, so I’ve left you alone.

You don’t think about me or talk to me in prayer.
But never should you doubt that I really care.

You must understand that I know what’s best.
Come to me with your burdens and I’ll give you rest.

I can help you through life and guide you through.
When you abide in me, you’ll know I’m close to you.”

I was really amazed when this experience occurred.
But I knew I could trust the message I heard.

I am so grateful that God helped me to see.
And the He let me know He really cares about me.

Now that I’ve found Him, I’d never be without.
I was blessed to realize what faith is about.

I know now no matter what troubles I face,
I have God’s blessings and His amazing grace.

Although my life ahead is unknown.
I know God is with me and I’ll never walk alone.

– – – written by Arlene Spanos

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  1. Well, hi to the people who are viewing this site… There are views that are true and some are in my belief are false… One thing is we have to base our thoughts first and last from the Bible as it is written by God ( 2 Timothy 3:16). Second our true intercessor and our mediator is Jesus alone as it is written in the Bible” Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life and no one can go to My Father except through me… John 14:2″. For human as we are, are sinners( Romans 3:10 & Romans 3:23)and we don’t have the right to be called sons of God. But only through Jesus we are saved. Not only Mary was shown favor but all of us since God doesnt have any favorites(Romans 1:11). It is important to set our eyes to Jesus and Jesus alone because there isn’t any man or women that is given authority under heaven (Matt. 28:18). God bless”,

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