Poem : A Glimpse of God

Care Compassion Love

“It was a tough day,” she wrote
I imagined her collapsing in an easy chair
after a day that was anything but easy
Head pounding, feet aching…
heart breaking for those she cared for….
some on the road to recovery and
others unable to turn the corner
to a brighter day

How do you rise the next morning
with the compassion and the will
to do it all again
What is the driving force
that keeps you moving forward
and not getting stuck in the problems
and pain of those in your care

Where does the inspiration come from
that awakens you each day with a new resolve
to make a difference

It couldn’t be the check every other week
or the thought that it’s “just what I do”
Maybe it’s the look on the faces
when you reach into their special places
and bring a ray of hope to their lives

Perhaps it’s the gentle touch that stirs your soul….
the touch that allows you to forget your own
pains and problems because you’ve given
them a glimpse of God
with your caring…..your compassion….and your love

When you close your eyes tonight,
May you see the smile that you bring to His face….
the joy He feels as you leave your fingerprints of love
on the fortunate ones in your care

– – – written by Mike Hall

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