Poem : Good Enough

Gods Care for Us

God wants me to be myself
For He created me this way,
And since God made me who I am,
Myself I’m quite content to stay.

In His eyes I’m good enough –
It matters not what others say;
I need not act as if I’m tough
Or copy other children’s ways.

God doesn’t care if I’m not cool –
If I’m not stronger; thinner;
In His hands I am a tool
To reach out to another sinner.

Though I am still young and small
In Jesus Christ I’m strong and tall;
So when people look at me
May it be God’s own Son they see.

– – – written by Belinda van Rensburg

2 thoughts on “Poem : Good Enough”

  1. Belinda, I came upon this site this morning and found your beautiful poem. thank-you for sharing.

    I will book-mark this site. May God be glorified.

  2. I have come across many poems and as a young poet, I must admit that your poem is powerful simply because of the words God and Jesus christ. Thank You

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