Poem : The Missing Blood Transfusion

The Blood Transfusion

There is my brother, lying in that room
For his life is fading, death will come soon
I felt so helpless, “Lord what can I do?”
Pleading harder to God the weaker he grew
“Lord, can’t you save him? He’s almost gone!

Lord, why did his life go so wrong?”
Then the doctor pulled me aside
With a somber look that he tried to hide
“He just needed some blood all along
But now it’s too late, for now he’s gone
I asked you to give some blood to him
So he wouldn’t die in his wretched sin

But you were afraid and now it’s too late
In matters like these, one cannot wait”
“But doctor, my blood doesn’t match!
Don’t you have his type in that batch?”

“The Blood he needed doesn’t come from your vein
It comes from a Man who died for his pain
A Man whose blood is perfect in every way
Only through His blood, could his sins be paid
The blood that would have healed his soul
And given him direction, the way to go

I asked you to share this blood with him
But you were afraid that you might offend
And now it’s too late for now he’s dead
That’s one less reason for Jesus to have bled!”

—- by James Corwin

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