Poem : Put My Trust In You Each Day

Put my trust in you each day

Lord it’s getting to be desperate times
Why do you seem to delay?
In responding to my pressing needs
That I remind you of each day

In my mind I know that you
Will come through in the end
But in my heart emotions rise
And I worry and fret again

Help me Lord at those times
To give it again to you
Help me know deep in my heart
That you will pull me through

And that you fully understand
Exactly where I’m at
Though circumstances do not change
In you I shall not lack

Everything when given to you
Will work out for my good
For when I cast my care on you
It’s then that it’s understood

That it’s just a matter of your timing
In responding to my need
For often it’s because you’re doing
A deeper work in me

So all that’s left for me to do
The one thing that is sure
Is to put my trust in you each day
For nothing matters more.

– – – written by M.S. Lowndes

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