Poem : The Great Divide


There is a great divide;
With smart people on either side.

Some folks say there is a God,
Others believe it’s just a facade.

Then there are those who just don’t care;
They only use the name of God to swear.

This all creates so much confusion.
Could God really be just a delusion?

Some are certain that He is real.
Others say that’s not what they feel.

Their faith they will strongly defend;
The other side they can’t comprehend.

One side claims we exist due to happenstance.
The other says “impossible, there is no chance.”

This has caused folks to debate and fight.
Because both sides believe they are right.

These opposing beliefs often collide,
And neither one can prove their side.

We believe in what we choose;
And we reject opposing views.

It is based on what we discern and perceive,
Often stemming from what we look to believe.

It is faith and what that’s actually about,
Is trusting even when there is doubt.

Be it your parent, child, sister or brother;
We must all respect the faith of another.

We can resolve this peacefully;
All we must do is agree to disagree.

We are free here to make that choice.
And have the liberty to express our voice.

No matter on which side you belong,
To insult the other is so wrong.

Why harass another and become irate?
Why act hostile or express any hate?

Don’t try to silence the truth others perceive;
Or stop them from expressing what they believe.

Tolerance is what this country is about.
We must be civil and strive to live that out.

Don’t put down someone’s point of view.
When you don’t believe their faith is true.

The majority believe in God, so they say;
And they have the right to worship and pray.

As for me, I definitely believe in God.
If you don’t, I do not think you are odd.

I choose faith in God and trust in His Word.
Don’t ridicule me if you find that absurd.

It would be small-minded for you to say I’m a dope.
If you don’t understand my source of strength and hope.

If you find it foolish, I can only hope and pray,
That God will reveal truth and help you find your way.

The love of God is what I intentionally choose.
I know with my faith I have nothing to lose.

If I’m wrong, I’d rather be on this side of the debate.
Than on the other to find I was wrong too late.

But I’m not ashamed, so please understand,
When my faith is mocked, I will take a stand.

Your choice affects the way you think.
Your beliefs and outlook are likely in sync.

I believe only God can reveal the truth to you,
To show you which is foolish and which is true.

I have looked at both sides before drawing my conclusion;
I am confident God is not a delusion.

Research both sides to see which makes sense to you.
Ask God to show you which is foolish and which is true.

It is the biggest decision you could ever make.
So carefully choose which side you’ll take.

– – – written by Arlene Spanos

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