My Prayer

My Prayer

Oh God, my Heavenly Father above,
You’re the magnificent, glorious source of my love.
Jesus, my precious Savior, You are my Lord.
I am devoted to You and to live by Your Word.

I thank you for this life that you gave me.
And Your sacrifice at the cross to save me.
Thank You for Your mercy, grace and blessings indeed!
And the Holy Spirit You gave to guide me and lead.

Help me forgive others as you forgave me.
Show me the way to be all you want me to be.
Cleanse me to be more humble and true.
Change me to be more loving like You.

Help me do right in difficult moments of life.
Guide every path; give me comfort in strife.
Lord, I long to serve You every possible way.
Help me to honor You and to trust and obey.

Grant me wisdom and serenity in all I say and do.
Keep me steadfast and strong as I follow you.
Please walk with me, talk with and keep me from sin.
When I battle temptation, I pray that I win.

If I get lost or falter, please show me the way;
To honor and please you each precious day.
Help me be caring and kind, with love in my soul.
I am devoted to You Lord, and I yield control.

I ask for courage, strength, fortitude and might;
To share Your love and reflect Your light.
Lord, help me to do the best that I can
To glorify You and serve my fellow men.

Grant me peace and joy in the good works that I do.
You are awesome and amazing. Lord, I adore You.

I ask this in the precious name of Your Son, Amen.

– – – written by Arlene Spanos

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  1. Thenx God for the things you have done to me i gloryfy your name in the strength of your son jesus christ and all angels of light and most of my friend holy spirit………..the grace of tyhe lord jesus christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with us and forever more amen…!!!!!

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