Poem : The Master of All

Jesus Son of the Almighty

Through the midnight I waited in vain.
Alone in the dark my tears fell like rain.

The sorrows and burdens my soul did repeat.
Became like the sound of my hearts very beat.

I measured my sins and weighed the true cost.
I knew that surely my soul would be lost.

Then with the suns rising a new voice I heard.
It rang out so sweetly yet never uttered a word.

Come follow the Master, the Messiah, the King.
And with these soft words my soul began to sing.

For the veil had been lifted the dark gone from my eyes.
My Lord, my dear Savior, I glimpsed upon high.

The price had been paid. I owed no more debt.
My soul was now free, but then somehow yet.

When I thought of the one who had, set me free.
I knew in my heart what more He meant to me.

The price that was paid in misery and pain.
Was truly given with nothing to gain.

So gladly I give my soul, and my all.
To the one they call Jesus.
The Master of All.

– – – By Connie Ciccone © October 2006

1 thought on “Poem : The Master of All”

  1. Wow praise of Jesus in full of rhythm. Each lines are perfect and real voice of our soul. The poem is in it’s most perfection. Sealed with the glory of Jesus. Very good poem with musical melodies.
    Thank you
    Robin Jokes

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