Let Me Be Your Vessel Lord

Grace like rain

To grow in God’s grace and knowledge
spend time each day in His Word;
To think we can grasp it all on our own
without doubt can be totally absurd!

We must have His words of wisdom
to daily mature in Him;
Each day will take us to a new level
and in that we can surely win!

To have His grace and knowledge
must be our greatest goal;
Walking out into the dark to reach
that precious one Lost soul.

We may be just a vessel
Made of simply clay;
But he can mold and shape us
in His own perfect way!

My Prayer today is simple
I choose to take up my sword !!
and I say one thing with all my heart

Let Me Be Your Vessel Lord
Let Me Be Your Vessel Lord

– – – By Connie Ciccone © October 2006

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