The Will Of God

The Grace of God

The will of God will never take you, Where the grace of God cannot keep you. Where the arms of God cannot support you, Where the riches of God cannot supply your needs, Where the power of God cannot endow you. The will of God will never take you, Where the spirit of God cannot … Read more

Grace Givers And Grace Hoaders

Grace Changes Everything

In life we see two types of people. One group is the channel of grace. The more they receive, the more they give. They are the people who are buried in Christ. They live here, but their investments are not here. They invest in the life of people. They make a difference in the life … Read more

Why Is God Doing This To Me

Why is god doing this to me

Why is god doing this to me? Often, when facing challenges, many sense their confidence oozing out. They feel like God has left them alone. They start thinking about all the wrong things they have done (for which they have already repented!). They start complaining, “Why is God doing this to me?” But the truth … Read more