Grace Givers And Grace Hoaders

Grace Changes Everything

In life we see two types of people. One group is the channel of grace. The more they receive, the more they give. They are the people who are buried in Christ. They live here, but their investments are not here. They invest in the life of people. They make a difference in the life of other souls for eternity. The interesting fact is that, they do not even ask for a blessing.

God bless them so that they might be a blessing for others. That is what God told Abraham “I will bless you so that you might be a blessing for others”. Look at the blessing of Abraham today – he is the father of every prophet, every law giver, every priest, every apostle, the mother of God and Christ himself.

But think about Abraham’s life. He was seventy five when he was told to leave his land for an unknown land. Abraham followed in faith, not knowing where he was going. His promise for a son, materialized only after wandering in the Middle Eastern desert for twenty five years. He probably had some “complex” as he tried to hide his pretty wife from others. In spite of that the pharaoh stole his wife and God had to interfere. He was unequally yoked with Sarah.

Abraham’s faith was unshakable, but Sarah laughed at the prospect of having a child. Sarah came up with a human solution for a divine promise. She told Abraham to take Hagar as his wife and have children through Hagar. Sarah persecuted Hagar and her son for no fault of theirs. Abraham was bitter and had to eventually leave his son Ishmael in the desert. Abraham had to see the destruction of Sodom.

After all that, God told Abraham to take his son Isaac up the mountain to be sacrificed for God. The life of Abraham is incomprehensible for the Christians of this century. We throw temper tantrums if we are told by God to leave our house, our children’s school, our job or our spouse’s job and go to an unknown city only on faith. It was the preparation of Abraham that eventually turned him to be a grace-giver.

The grace-hoarders practice pseudo religion. They quote the word of God verbatim from the bible. They use the word of God in context and out of context. They are judgmental. They associate with God for power and money. They speak in rhetoric. They are like the politicians who make you die for his country. They will convert people into their religion and put heavy loads on them, but do not move a little finger to help them.

Jesus saw them when he spoke to the Pharisees two thousand years ago. They are the proprietors of “Bless me clubs”. They preach a Christ different from the one you know from the bible. Watch for them. They are ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing .They act like shepherds but they are hirelings who will run away when the wolf comes to devour the sheep.

– – – written by Dr. Jacob C Tony

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  1. So true.. I have even witnessed some of them closely. Scary it is – their belief.If one is not strong in the real faith – their own faith, no wonder how easily they can get deceived, for we humans tend to see the state/reason of abundance through human eyes.

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