Poem : My Child I Forgive

My Child I Forgive

Lord I am your Child
You put me in the Palm of your hand
And you go before the heart of God the Father
With all my darkest longings and confessions.

The darkness I confess
Is shed in the presence of your light,
And relinquishes my stain!

As I confess, I am cleansed
By your precious blood
Once again.

And I will partake in the Communion meal,
At peace and reconciled with the Father
And His unending Love and Mercy.

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson

2 thoughts on “Poem : My Child I Forgive”

  1. I worte this about Confession because I am a new Catholic.I was always taught as a protestant that we did not have to confess to any man(priest) but directly to God.It was quite enlightening to hear the words that we should confess our sins to one another to be sure we really feel the depths and weight of them upon our souls.It is by Gods power alone that we are truly forgiven. He has passed on the right to retain and forgive sins to his priests. They stand in “Persona Christi” for Him in the Sacrement of Holy Confession. Did you know we should not be receiveing him in th Holy Eucharist if we miss mass and do not confess? Any mortal sin should be confessed first…before receiving him again.Not jut the general absolution but a true confession and repentant heart.

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