Poem : Jesus Christ Is With Me

Jesus Christ is With Me

Jesus, when I need you most,
You are always there
From coast to coast
Or from everywhere.

Even though I am a sinner,
You never judge me,
You still love me,
And You make me feel like a winner.

Sometimes, I wonder why
Your Words I couldn’t apply,
You have given me everything,
Your love, kindness and understanding.

You’re the Greatest King of all,
You’ve saved the world from downfall,
And You’ve loved Your children endlessly.

So many times You stand before me,
You have fought for me,
You have touched my soul,
And You have made me whole.

Come and save my sinful spirit,
I need to restore the beauty on it,
And I need You every single day,
For without You, I won’t last a day.

Help me, Oh Lord God,
Give me hope and courage,
Make me out of the rage,
And give me power to fight against all odds.

Remember me, Oh Lord
Remember me as Your child
Who needs extra care when I go wild,
Remember me, Oh Lord.

I’m not worthy to receive You
I have sinned against my brothers and sisters,
I hurt the feelings of others,
But all these, I pray to You.

Save all the people,
For they exult Your name in Your temple.
Save all the souls,
For they don’t know yet, their true goals.

Thank You, Oh Lord God,
For what You have done,
Thank You, Oh Lord God,
For making all people as one.

Inspite of everything,
You have understood my feelings,
You have given me all these things,
That I am now enjoying.

Someday, somewhere
We would be together
I will thank You
For all I have received from You.

When the world turns against me,
I would call upon Your name,
I would never be put into shame,
And I would claim the victory!

I will not fear,
For I’ll always adhere
To Your Words of Wisdom.
And Yes! I’m proud for what I become.

Thank You, Oh God,
You make my mind open and broad,
Thank You, Oh Lord,
I now follow Your every word.

Morning will come and the sun will shine,
Evening will go dark,
But Your love is most divine,
That’s why it will always spark.

Every night I pray,
That Your Will be done
To make all nations as one.

– – – written by Alon Calinao Dy

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