Jesus Loves You Icons

Jesus Loves You Icons, 28 icon like images saying Jesus Loves You are given above. Clicking on any of the above thumbnail images will give you the picture in its original size. Then you can save the image to your PC.

We have already posted Jesus Loves You Wallpapers in TBTG and these small icons depict the same message in smaller dimensions. The most touching one i found in this list is  Jesus Loves You Icon 16 which says the message with a * noting Conditions Do Not Apply. Yes, it points to the unconditional love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ love is so wonderful. It’s so high you can’t get over it, So low you can’t get under it, So wide you can’t get round it, Oh, such a wonderful love!

Let us decide today, right now, that whatever happens in our lives, we wont alter our path towards our final destination, the Heaven. And we wont be doing anything which will stand in that path towards the promised land. God bless you all.

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