Holy Spirit Images

Holy Spirit Images – Have a look at the 16 images of Holy Spirit given right above.

Many of these images are not wallpaper sized. But they are big enough to see the divine image of the Holy Spirit, as depicted always, as a dove, a white dove. We very well know the reason to that because Holy Spirit reveals as a dove in the Bible. Check out Holy Spirit Clip Art images too.

Holy Spirit,
Divine Consoler,
I adore You as my true God,
with God the Father and God the Son.
I adore You and unite myself to the adoration
You receive from the angels and saints.

I give You my heart
and I offer my ardent thanksgiving
for all the grace which You never cease to bestow on me.

O Giver of all supernatural gifts,
who filled the soul of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Mother of God, with such immense favors,
I beg You to visit me with Your grace

Wallpaper images of Holy Spirit are at Holy Spirit Wallpapers

23 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Images”

  1. Hello Georgy,
    I can’t help but to compliment the wonderful works that you are doing in this your site. Anywhere that i click here have a good surprise to offer me. I pray that the good Lord will continue to enlighten you to go ahead and spread his gospel in this way that you have chosen. More grease to your elbow.

  2. i have the original holy spirit photo of a dove lighted up if you want to see the true holy spirt and maary email me long story behind this

  3. Hi Georgy, great work, I was just wondering if you could design a logo as I am about to launch a charity work group in Australia and India. I have the Image in mind and have got a few ideas from the web.
    just to give you an Idea it a picture of the Holy Spirit with rays coming down with Gods hand helping man, the wording says GODS PEOPLE taking care of people needs.
    I can send you the sample and a sketch I have done but not sure what the laws are of copy rights ? Thanks for your time , Regards Glen Augustine.

  4. I believe that the holy spirit is with each and every one of us we just need to have faith and believe it.

  5. Greg, Can I use your art for my quilt designs? All the quilts I produce have Scriptures to spread the word of God. I really appreciate you sharing your God given talent with the world. Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi LaDonna,

    Yes, you can use these images on your christian quilts. Spread HIM all over the world as you can. All the best.

    God Bless You

  7. Georgy,

    I would like to use the dove in the rays of the sun image on my business card; I do private tuition – sometimes a more spiritual dimension can come into it.


  8. Georgy,

    I am aware of an organization using one of your photo art pieces which has been modified and not cited as you request. They are using the “Holy Spirit Fire Image” but have removed the word “The” and are using the picture on their website, literature and stationary. I appreciate your artwork and respect copyrighted material. You are very liberal with access to your work but should expect citation of your site. How would you like this handled?

  9. I am looking for an image showing two angels praying with a spirit upon them. I will use it to replace existing tabernacle door

  10. Hello brother, was impressed with what you are doing here. Am doing a cover for a book, and would like to use one or the other of two of the images you’ve got—either the painting of the Trinity or the photo of the dove at St. Peter’s. If I would place the reference to your site inside the front cover of the book, indicating you’ve provided the image, is this OK? thanks, Rob Cheeley

  11. Is there a way to get a higher resolution of one of these images? I want to use it for a poster and I don’t think the resolution is high enough.

  12. I am having trouble trying to get a free wallpaper, is that for the desktop? id like it on my desktop please and on my cover for my facebook wall, Ive got to put the holy spirit out there, im being attacked for helping humanity, if I can shine a photo of the holy spirit it makes them put their sunglasses on and walk away.
    thanks, I just want world peace, and plastering the holy spirit on my cover will help me wonders, makes me feel safe, scares them off, all the naysayers and convicts them.
    cheers, thanks for helping sherrynovis I don’t use email anymore, dinosaur, contact me on facebook please and thank you.

  13. I would love to have this picture on my kitchen wall. Is there anyway I could purchase a copy of it?

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