Poem : A Nurse by Alon Calinao Dy

A Nurse by Alon Calinao Dy

When all of your loved ones are gone
As you’re waiting for the doctor to come,
I’m the one that you’re getting angry of
‘Cause you see me coming around.
Instead of hating you or getting mad,
I try to show you how to understand.

Though I’m not a doctor to save someone’s life,
I ‘ll sit close beside you and I will listen
To your complaints, suffering, and pain
Somehow, I may take away all your fears.

Though I’m not a doctor who prescribes medicines,
I’ll serve you with tender, loving, and care.
For me, that’s something I should be proud.
Even in your slightest discomforts,
I am with you always
Making sure that you’re all right,
As you’re taking care with love and respect.

I am the one who believes in miracles
With my soft and gentle voice,
I bring you love and hope,
Render you my skillful care,
And show you my priceless smiles.
I am the one that comforts,
Stands and cares for you.

The one who dares to touch your hands
In your delicate moments
When you’re feeling lonely and hopeless.
I’m the one who lets you know
That I will stay close beside you
When there is no one to embrace you.

Yes, I am the one with white uniforms.
A nurse with a caring nature
Who has compassion and empathy to others.
An advocate nurse
That the ultimate goal on earth is
For the best of human race.

– – – written by Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

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5 thoughts on “Poem : A Nurse by Alon Calinao Dy”

  1. Wow… I am a nurse also but this poem touches me so much because I am doing anything for my patient, in return I am not treated good. But being a nurse is all about love and patience. I think this is one of the great poems I read about nurse.

  2. Poem: Nursing is a tough job
    By: Alon Calinao Dy

    When a patient verbalizes his complaints,
    You have to listen.

    When a patient is crying and dying,
    Comfort his feelings.

    When a patient refuse his medicines,
    Provide sound decision making.

    When a patient wants to be alone,
    Respect his privacy.

    When a patient is at risk of falling,
    Ensure his safety first.

    When a patient is hard to understand,
    Be a friend to him.

    Being a nurse is a tough job
    Ready to protect patient’s bill of rights.

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