Just a Nurses Aide

Someone asked me what I do for a living. I said, “I’m a nurse’s aide. I work in a nursing home.” The person made a face and quickly changed the subject.

A lot of people don’t understand my job. Many people wouldn’t do my job. “Not for all the money in the world,” they say. Neither would I. There is something special; about this job. My patients NEED me. They depend on me. I not only care for them, but about them as well.

Being a nurse’s aide is not a glamorous job! It’s an important one though. I take pride in my job and in my work. There is much to learn. I try to improve my skills and myself. Things do get hectic. Sometimes the call-bells seem to go off all at once. Family members ask to do this or that. They all want priority. I do the best I can.

My work is the kind of work many sons and daughters can’t or won’t do! Yet somebody has to take care of the sick and old. So I bathe and shower my patient want them to be fresh and clean. I comb and brush their hair. I want them to look nice. Their hands shake and tremble so I have to cut their food and help them eat. I want them to get proper nourishment.

Now do you understand why my job is so important? these people really need ME. They depend on ME. That’s why I feel I am a very special person. Even though I am “JUST A NURSE’S AIDE.”

I am proud to be a nurse’s aide. It takes a special person to help those in need. You too could be that special person. All it takes is a caring attitude, and the willingness to help.