Just a Nurses Aide

Just a Nurses Aide

Someone asked me what I do for a living. I said, “I’m a nurse’s aide. I work in a nursing home.” The person made a face and quickly changed the subject.

A lot of people don’t understand my job. Many people wouldn’t do my job. “Not for all the money in the world,” they say. Neither would I. There is something special; about this job. My patients NEED me. They depend on me. I not only care for them, but about them as well.

Being a nurse’s aide is not a glamorous job! It’s an important one though. I take pride in my job and in my work. There is much to learn. I try to improve my skills and myself. Things do get hectic. Sometimes the call-bells seem to go off all at once. Family members ask to do this or that. They all want priority. I do the best I can.

My work is the kind of work many sons and daughters can’t or won’t do! Yet somebody has to take care of the sick and old. So I bathe and shower my patient want them to be fresh and clean. I comb and brush their hair. I want them to look nice. Their hands shake and tremble so I have to cut their food and help them eat. I want them to get proper nourishment.

Now do you understand why my job is so important? these people really need ME. They depend on ME. That’s why I feel I am a very special person. Even though I am “JUST A NURSE’S AIDE.”

I am proud to be a nurse’s aide. It takes a special person to help those in need. You too could be that special person. All it takes is a caring attitude, and the willingness to help.

3 thoughts on “Just a Nurses Aide”

  1. Hi, I am christie and I just read your site’s wonderful post entitled, “just a nurses’ aide”. The moment I saw the title under the random post, I immediately clicked it without hesitation. I am glad that I made that choice earlier.

    I may not know you but you are a wonderful person. You have inspired me to continue on with my desire in life through becoming a nurse. I am doing my first semester as a first year student and I found it hard a few weeks ago and i decide to quit nursing. Now, I remembered why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place and because I lost sight of my intention that I almost gave up.

    after reading your post, I had an idea of what type of nurse I am going to be. Thank you so much. :D

    God bless,
    Christie A.

  2. Hi, I am a first year student of nursing doing my first semester. I would just like to say that this is a wonderful post and has inspired me to become the nurse who is self-less and constantly caring and understanding.

    thank you and God bless
    Christie A.

  3. i read the passage and couldn’t agree more. I have been a CNA for over 20 years. i completed LVN school yet did not pass the board exam even though i took it three times. i didn’t feel it was a failure. i wouldn’t have the nurses job for nothing. it is me that gets to spend the quality time with my patients, im the one they call and ask for when they need something. the nurse is so bogged down in double and triple charting they rarely see the patients. im the patients first line of defence and the nurses first line of offence. I’m important, my job is important and i love what i do

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