Groom Texas Crucifixion of Christ

Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0101 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0102 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0103 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0104

Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0105 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0106 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0107 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0108

Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0109 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0110 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0111 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0112

Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0113 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0114 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0115 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0116

Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0117 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0118 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0119 Crucifixion of Christ near Amarillo TX_0120

These 20 pictures are of  Groom Texas Crucifixion of Christ sculptured from metal by a man near Amarillo, Texas. The crosses are made of metal also. The man did this out of the kindness of his heart. Someone donated the land on which to erect them. See how stunning and lifelike they are……

The Groom Texas Cross is located between Interstate 40 and old Route 66 going west out of Groom, Texas. It was built by Steve Thomas of Pampa, Texas in 1995. Mr. Thomas, disgusted with the huge billboards advertising XXX pornography locations along I-40 wanted to make a public profession of faith along the Interstate.

Originally he wanted to put up his own billboard with Bible verses but could never find the appropriate verse. Instead, inspired by a cross built by a rancher in Ballinger, Texas, Mr. Thomas knew that he would build a cross. Built on private property donated by Chris Britten to avoid legal issues with the ACLU at a height of 190 feet, the Groom Cross is reported as being the biggest cross in the northern hemisphere.

Recent additions to the area around the Groom Cross include a memorial in memory of the victims of abortion and a replica of Calvary, with steps leading to the crosses, and a replica of Christ’s tomb. The Stations of the Cross were just completed and feature life-sized sculptures of the events leading to Christ’s crucifixion. The Groom Cross is fast becoming a roadside pilgrimage site with the number of travelers visiting the site increasing exponentially.

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  1. HELLO!!



  2. Hi CYNTHIA,

    I have added a Google Map and more details about the sculptures to this post.

    Hope this will be sufficient for you to easily locate the place and go there…

    And if you do go, plz share your experience with us here.

    God Bless You.

  3. I want to tell you my preacher Rev. Carolyn Benesh (Nazarene) told me about your website and I went there to look it over I really liked what I saw and I will come back to it again real soon.

    Love And Prayers
    Love Jesus
    Marilyn Shrum

  4. In Texas, they had highlighted the crucifixion of Christ and they had created excellent status of the cross.

  5. This place seems to be a peaceful place. I hope I can visit this place in the future and I wish nothing will change.

  6. My husband and I saw the Cross a distance away while speeding past Groom a few years ago on a motorcycle. We had to make the right turn when we saw how massive it was, you can’t miss it.

    If you can walk among the Stations of the Cross and not cry, you are not alive in your heart or soul.I discovered that because of the ACLU, the structures were built on donated land, (Mr. Chris Britton) rather than public land. This kept the noses out and rebuke to a minimum.

    I am deeply religious, though share no denomination. I have a temple here inside that goes with me everywhere. The exterior is ragged, but the inside is beautiful. I don’t preach, as I was not called for many reasons, but I am devoted to my God and His presence in my everyday life.

    Go see this; it may stir something inside you as it did me.

    God Bless everyone involved in this project and all those who partake of it’s meaning and beauty.

  7. My dad forwarded and email to me concerning this. How Beautiful and touching. I wanted to know more so I could thank those who made this possible. I have printed it off so I can go home to show my children. I have a testimony of Christ and all he has done for us to be able to return and live with him. These works of art are like my testimony but in a tactile form. Thank you Steve Thomas and everyone else who has made it possible.

  8. I have visited it twice – the 1st was by chance, the 2nd intentionally. They are adding the Last Supper below the hill and have a chapel now. The details – faces, hands – are incredibly detailed. This is a wonderful testament.

  9. Awesome sculptures / pictures, wish we could see them in person. Indeed its a wonderful testament that Jesus Christ is the only King / Lord of this whole universe.

    wish there were pilgrimage trips just like the holy land pilgrimage orgainised by churches.

  10. While heading west to Cadillac Ranch when visiting Amarillo, for some strange reason my Husband & I decided to turn our rental car around and head east past the airport.. And as we caught site of the Big Cross, I then knew what drew us there.. Now, although we believe in God, we weren’t very religeous at that time.. But walking thru the stations leading up to/and the crucifixion was powerfully overwhelming, we cried the whole time..At the Memorial for the Babies we prayed.. Thank You Mr. Thomas for such a Beautiful and Selfless Gift, as well as helping to restore and strengthen my Faith.. Although we bought some Beautiful art at the giftshop there, my favorite is a simple picture my Husband took of the Crucifixion station at sunset, “absolutely breathtaking”, I enlarged one & it hangs in our Church.. I urge People of any denomination to go see this incredible place.

  11. God Bless Mr. Chris Britton for the land on which His word is displayed. I wish for you to never have a single need in your life and may God Him self reward you greatly. And to you Mr.Steve Thomas I also Thank you. For taking time and money to pronounce Gods truth. May your lifetime be blessed and those of your generations after you. May you always have an abdunce of everything in life and may you find happiness forever :) :) I am pleased to see that some people still carry on Gods word and no matter what it cost them to clearly display it!!!!!!! God Bless

  12. I wanted to share with you, that this place is the most wonderful place on earth. This place, and that most wonderful cross was the last thing I saw before my car acct in 2006. I had a 5% chance of living, I broke my neck and my back, and I am now blind in my right eye. I was so mad at the world and God tell that day i was driving down I 40 and when I saw that cross I was told to stop, not by me or the person I was with but God, and so I did. I believe that if I had not seen this that day I would not be here to tell you about it. After i pulled up and parked, I did nothing but cry, and I felt God more with me that min then I had my whole life. I asked God there to please keep me safe, and show me what I need to do. See I was running from the law and I ran away from my family and kids in Colorado Springs, and all I wanted was to die, but after seeing that cross and walking around seeing what Jesus had done for me, all I wanted was to be safe. God knew what was going to happen about 45 min later, but I really believe that God brought me there to show me, that just because I had done wrong in Colorado I was already forgiven, all i had to do was ask. So I thank the people that made this place, because I truly believe if it was not there i would not be here today with my kids, my family and living a wonderful life as Jesus my father and savior. So THANK YOU, thank you so much.

  13. The statues are so detailed and precise. Such a gifted artist who was obviously commissioned by our lord. After all, he only calls his best like you and I. Thank you for the beauty through your suffering. We have all been blessed through his selfless act for our salvation. Thank you artist for reminding us for years to come. Be blessed.

  14. My husband and I went to Grooms to see this and it is beautiful, I have told several people of this especially for youth groups.It is so neat wish everyone could go see it.

  15. just seeing on the net can move me so much.what a miracle can take place if i am present there.praise god for those responsible for this…

  16. i use to live there in Groom… i watched them put the Cross up when they finished it. it truely is an amazing experience… you can feel the Lords precence there just reading and looking at everything and the details that go with it. amazing.

  17. Greetings, whenever a tribute is paid to Jesus Christ, an inscribed commemorative monument should introduce the Great Architect who designed it all with these words. (Isaiah 9:6, 7) 6 For there has been a child born to us, there has been a son given to us; and the princely rule will come to be upon his shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. 7 To the abundance of the princely rule and to peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom in order to establish it firmly and to sustain it by means of justice and by means of righteousness, from now on and to time indefinite. The very zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this…….Albert

  18. My husband and I were on our 30th wedding anniversary trip returning to Missouri and was so inspired by this wonderful work of ART. Our Lord Jesus Christ has prepared the way for us. Serve him with a loving heart and share with others your joy of knowing He is Alive and Risen from the dead.

  19. I just made my third visit to your wonderful site. Traveling from Indiana to Nevada on I40, the first visit was recommended by a trucker via cell phone. We were so impressed, each image, humbled looking into Christ’s face, so real. we took pictures of each and made a DVD explaining each station as we walked around. There is no detail left out detailing the stations of the cross. The gift shop is fabulous also. I have made the trip passing there always with different people and I insist on stopping and showing everyone I can. So happy to read some history about the gentlemen who established this beautiful work of art. (I tried to find a pamphlet about it in the gift shop but she had nothing) I’m sure I’m not the only one willing to buy one..that might be something she might think about selling. I love people who are not afraid to show the world their faith, God will surely bless you. Thank you.

  20. My husband and I visited this site several times. We drive long haul trucks for several years and every time we went through Groom Tx we made it a point to stop! It is a place I believe everyone should visit! It will hold a place in your heart from them on. You actually feel the pain he must have endured. God Bless the family that made this a free place to visit all for the good of man kind. Dawna.

  21. Al Praise and Glory be to GOD and we pray that ya’ll may always be Blessed for the creation ya,ll bestowed upon US and countless others.We’re from Gerogia and we stopped by and it felt like church to US. GOD BLESS to ya,ll Thomas’s Thak you Jimi and Ms.Linda Corber Valdosta Ga

  22. I have been to here before but it was a very long time ago. Before I had children my parents stopped by so me and my sisters could see this.I now have children of my own and I would love to take thrm to see it as well. They are learning about the stations of the cross in church and I was wondering if during the lent season is thier a special celebrating that I could take them to?

  23. My friend and I are planning a motorcycle trip to Groom in May of this year. This site is an inspiration to us. To God be the Glory….

  24. When I was little (about 7-8yo), I had driven through here and my father on the way back to Florida. He had let me get out and see and walk around the statues and when I left I felt like I had left apart of myself behind. Ever since then I have had such an anchoring connection to the enormous and life like Reminder of My(yours too!) Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. As an Adult Over ~11 years later I have the utmost need to have this Unfathomable Reminder in my life daily and am currently seeking an apartment from Buffalo NY to relocate myself and my young children.. “Solely” for this Gracious Gift to remind me “of God’s ACTUAL presence” in our lives. When this world is bringing the inevitable destruction upon itself, the Cross and Stations really help to keep faith from uprooting from the soul. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I wish there were more graceful people in the world like the creator and property donor And SIMPLY the people who SHARE THE MESSAGE!!! :) God Bless Us All!

  25. Question: I can figure out the meaning of all the sculptures except for the one with Christ and the man with the feathered head dress.
    Does anyone know what this is. I really want to know. email me please.

  26. My 12 yr. old daughter is blind. We are working on learning about the Stations of the Cross. Are these statues touchable? Could she feel them so that she could get a better understanding?

  27. I would like to know if Steve Thomas or others created the Stations of the Cross. All images are beautifully done. I’m likely going to be in Texas this coming June, and I am hoping that I’ll be able to visit this site. But, please…who made those inspiring sculptures?

  28. It was a True Blessing seeing this for the very first time. I’m originally from Pampa Texas which is outside of where these sculptures were made. I’ve heard so many good things about them and living in another state that I needed to take a trip back home and see this for myself. It was amazing and yet sad that Jesus Christ had to die for our sins, but yet he rose again, and is coming back someday, to take his children home to Heaven to be with him for eternity. I think everyone should see this. It truly was a Blessing to see this.

  29. Hello, my husband is in the process of building a very large cross on our property in New Richmond Ohio.
    Your devotion is exceptional.
    Is there anyway you could let us know where we can get the bronze statues? We will have the cross, a marble 4×5 slab (for flowers etc from visitors), a sitting area and 3 large lamp posts we found on property from the 1930’s.

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