Calvary Cross Pictures of Jesus Christ are given right above.

“On the cross of Calvary,
Jesus died for you and me;
There He shed His precious blood,
That from sin we might be free.
O the cleansing stream does flow,
And it washes white as snow!
It was for me that Jesus died
On the cross of Calvary.”

Free jesus cross pictures are given above. Click on the above thumbnails to see each image of Jesus at Calvary in its real resolution. These Cross Pictures of our Lord depict the pain and agony He went through for our sins on the cross. He could have easily avoided all these at the blink of an eye. He could have wished for his heavenly angels to wipe away the silly people persecuting Him. But Jesus didn’t do it that way.

These Calvary cross pictures given above are of huge dimensions and they all are ideal to set them as wallpapers so that we may always remember that “JESUS DIED AT THE CALVARY FOR YOU AND ME”. O father, Help us to keep in mind the pain and agony your son suffered for us at the Calvary Cross and may that tempt us to lead a better life as the true children of God. Amen.

More and more Jesus cross pictures for free will be added soon to TBTG site.