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Above given are several Jesus and Mary pictures. Most of them have baby Jesus in them with His mother Mary. Click on any thumbnail for the original pic. As we know how blessed Mother Mary and Jesus are. Jesus is the son of God and God himself. Mother Mary, the virgin chosen by God almighty to bear his son in her womb. How blessed would be Mother Mary to get such a blessing from God.

When did Virgin Mary live? The gospel texts provide no information about when Mary was born or when she died. If, however, Jesus was born in 4 BCE and was her first child, then Mary was likely born no earlier than 20 BCE.

Where did Mother Mary live?The gospel texts describe Jesus’ family as living in Galilee. Luke, Matthew, and John, though, describe her origins as being in Bethlehem, which is in Judea.

What did Mary Mother of Jesus do? – She was a sacred woman who did all the duties of a housewife as the ideal wife of Joseph, Jesus’s father. She had complete faith in God and submitted all of herself to God completely in His service. She have helped her child Jesus grow in Gods love.

Our Lady Rosary is the best prayer loved by all the people around the world, and that includes Pope John Paul II also. Mary’s part in shaping Jesus life cant be neglected and Mary is the mother of all nations as she enjoys that glorious position given to her. Mother Mary’s command over Satan or devil or lucifer is huge. We also call her mama Mary.

When we are about to die,  devil comes to our side and makes us remember all the bad things and sins we done in our whole life. He will do it with such enthusiasm that we will even fear to look at God or go to heaven after death. But it is for this reason that we say Hail Mary prayer which has the following lines too (in red).

Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


See Hail Mary in Pictures too.

Mother Mary with angels will come to our side then and help us resist the temptation Satan and his devil army will cause us at the death time. O Mary, Mother of God, Please be at my side when I am about to leave this earth. Amen.

NB: More and more Jesus and Mary pictures will be added very soon. Keep checking back. We will be adding more images of mary with baby Jesus Christ.

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  1. Mama mary,please lead me to the righteousness…and above all..pls Im asking you a great favor…to bestow my relationship to mR.Danilo Torres to be strong and to be Forever….Mama Mary….Im begging sana maging matatag ang pagsasama namin kahit malayo kami sa isat isa….panatilihin ang pagamamahalan ang tiwala sa isat isa ang manaig…i know your son my friend,my father has a very special plan for us and to my kids….In the name of the father and in of the son and the holy spirit…i know it will be done….thank you and we love you…..

  2. We praise you Jesus and we love you. Please heal my youngest sister Jaciel Glow Saldo Santos for her polar depreassion, 2 ceast of her left and right fallopian tube and for her family. Pls pray also for her husband Alvin Santos. His asthma but also drug addict, alcoholic and habit to have affair with other girls etc.. My sister so hopeless to recover on her sick because her husband also always gave her problem. My sister Jaciel has 5 yrs. old daughter Kimberly Isabel. Jaciel and Alvin same no job. Alvin`s mother only supporting of their family and not enough.Pls pray for them. Thank you Jesus

  3. Help me Jesus with all my difficulties, Mother Mary please pour your blessings upon me, protect me and guide me.

    I have faith in you Blessed Mother and my Saviour Jesus Christ. I love you so much with all my heart.

  4. I like this blog very much..Even though i am a hindu, i strongly believe in mother mary. i am a great devotee of her as i believe..dear Mr. georgy…plz pray for me to heal my disease that i have been suffering for the past 22 years. let thank our mother for her intercession.

  5. Oh,Loard help me in this era when iam facing aproblem of debts.I pray to the loard our God Jesus the Son and the Holy spirit to pay for me all the debts i have. I pray this through Jesus Christ our Loard Amen.

  6. please bless me my family & give me one child
    govt interview i received letter plase bless give jesus power of peaceful life

  7. mother
    I pray to you, you have given me everthing thats the greatful thing in my life so i trun towards to you always……you are my world…my needsful pray is always with you pray for my world family, bless my total family with your protations…help me i need my husband should me with me still i die we should be happy forevery with you always……be with my dads moms grandmas sisters brothers & special pray to my husband what every he thinks should come in is life…
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  9. the pictures so soothing,they make develop an heavenly feeling especially this christmass period..pray for me,my desired destiny and the well being of my family and society.

  10. Thank You Very Much, i am really grateful to find such kind of Good site. It contains many useful spiritual advices to keep me safe and many about mama Mary, this site is really helpful to me and encouraged my life. I love Mama Mary, Thank You Mother Mary, for saving my life this night.
    Blessed are YOU among Women
    and blessed is the fruit of THY womb JESUS
    Pray for us sinners
    now and at the hour of our death.

  11. Mary mother of God and me, you have helped me lot, but now I am in need of your help. Please mother help me to accept the reality of my life[what is happening daily]

  12. All the pictures of mother Mary’s are very Good one kind of beauty or one kind of peace we get from all this pictures for my life really it is a graceful movement when we see this pictures.

  13. Dear Jesus & Mama Mary,
    Thanks for everything, every blessings & trials that you’ve given us. Please continue to bless my family & me, and all these people that are asking from you…. In your time, please bless me to have a wonderful husband and healthy baby that I can call my own. I will continue giving your love through my service…. Amen. To God be the Glory !!! Jesus & Mama Mary I Trust in You…

  14. MOTHER MARY AND MY LORD JESUS CHRIST.Have mercy on studies,my work and my life plus family which aren,t going on well.pliz have mercy 4 me.j failed to get fees to continue bt j know ur the answer of everything.Have mercy 4 me,have mercy.amen’

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  16. Dear Jeasus and mother Marry please bless me my parents my brother everybodyin this world dear god please please forgive for sins whichever i have done

  17. Mama Mary,
    Thank you for your endless love, supports and protection in my everyday life. Thank you for taking good care of me and my family. I knew that i cant give you love the way our Lord Jesus Christ gave unto you but i know that you are always here in my heart. I am a sinner but still you are always beside me to comfort me every time i am so down, you were always there to listen me. Thank you again and please do kiss Jesus for me.

  18. Please do help in my difficult financial situation and whatever promises I have made to Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, St. Anthony, St. Jude I will fulfill it very soon without any delay.

  19. Dear Sir in Christ,

    I was born of a Hindu father & a Christian mother. My father had converted to Christianity before I was born. I was also baptized at the age of 8. All this was due to compulsion on behalf of mom & her family. Now I am 21. Until a few years back I didn’t have much faith in God. I had also been a witness to a number of tragic events in life [father’s drug & alcohol addiction, his constant torturing of mom, her depressive mood, my poor performance in studies,etc.] right from an unripe age. As such, I (& my sister) had faced a painful childhood. We were also at the verge of committing suicide. I was getting rotten each day.

    Then mom started being on her knees in frequent & fervent prayer. As a result all my problems started fading away bit by bit. My father started drifting away from his bad habits & became spiritually strong. Then one day, I got impressed by the life history of St.Alphonsa of Bharananganam, Kerala, as it was being read during her canonization ceremony in Rome. Ever since then I aimed to lead a heroic life as that of St.Alphonsa & started putting faith in God. God also blessed me by helping me clear All India Medical Entrance & I joined Madurai Medical College for M.B.B.S course. For God’s enormous love & concern for me, I don’t think my life would suffice enough to serve him fully. So I choose to join a Christian Catholic monastery & involve in some charitable & missionary work after the completion of my medical course. Kindly provide me suggestions in this regard at my Email ID.

    Please do remember me in your prayers that I may have a long & endless WALK WITH JESUS. Our God is the TRUE GOD & Jesus is His TRUE SON beyond doubt. I, coming from a different religious background, have experienced this for myself. May God bless you.

    Yours faithfully,
    Sidharth Vinod,
    Servant of God.



  21. Dear Jesus, I came before your presence in faith presenting to you my dear mother. Lately she is troubled. She has emotional imbalance or some form of Psychological problem. She is no longer friendly. She gets aggresive all the time and has become quarellsome. This has made our family a house of commotion and disconform. Lord I pray for your healing power upon her. Cast away from her any form spell that may have befallen her to the glory of His name, amen.

  22. Its the lords will that i am alive today,went tru a lots of ups and downs in life,more downs than ups,my financial situation was sooooo bad that i used to wake up sweating but the good lord has given me the strength to overcome many of them and praying i clear the balance few at the earliest…praise to our mother MARY and JESUS….have faith and GOD will work wonders.

  23. God bless you all its my pray to the jesus but i m not happy in this world guys because nobody is with me now , no my family,my relatives, my honey. but fine i think god has given this issues to me but god will do all those things which happend worng with me god will correct all. i m always keep faith on jesus & guys you all keep

  24. I am quiet sure Jesus was a man and is GOD.HE APPEARED TO MANY PEOPLE AND MANY Saw him,lived with ,spoke to him .his image is similar always.its so sweet to see his image and to love him.If am keeping my picture my children think about my living moments with me,not apiece of paper.if we draw a nature’s beauty we will imagine the real thing and try to go for it.if we will see the image of a fruit we will try trace the real fruit and try to taste it.same way all heavenly bodies represent their images also to know how they are,

  25. Dear Mama Mary and Jesus,
    I really pray that You will ganna help me. I am hoping to make my family complete again. I am praying for my husband (Arcenio) to come back to us. Please make him realize that our daughters and I are his life and not his mistress who is just using him to become permanent resident of this country.
    Lord God and Mama Mary please put our daughters and I in his heart and mind. Youch his heart oh Lord God and lead him back to our lives. We are just waiting for him until now. It has been almost a year now. Please hear my prayer oh Lord God Jesus and Mama Mary. Thank you

  26. I love the Hail Mary prayer especially when meditating upon the mistries while praying. Its simply amazing

  27. i love u jesus, plz help me in all my difficulties in me to over come all my problems. i surrender my family unto u lord. save us from all kinds of difficulties and problems.

  28. well am among those believers who say that vergin mary is actually mother of God n who try to think everday how blessed she can be to be chosen by the one and only God creator of all the huge n smallest things that we human can’t imagine of, what am trying to say is she is most blessed among all creatures, n our church calls her “under God above all creatures” cuz she is the only one whom jesus call Mom…

  29. Mother Mary, I thank you for your kind intercession that has helped be what I am today. May you Dear mother on this your day of assumption, intercede for me that the good Lord grants all my heart’s desires, especially that I may be a faithful priest according to the heart of our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST. AMEN

  30. Please help me mother marry i am suffering from very tensed & unhappy life, i have nothing to live
    i pray you to give me happy life as i want to see my mom & dad happy forever. Please hear my prayer oh Lord God Jesus and Mama Mary. Thank you !

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  32. To our loving mom mama mary, thanks for all the blessing on us. Helps us and guide us always, light our mind in everytym wen the tym we’re facing the trials of life. Help me to keep my own family safe and happy, don’t let the other make it mess co’z i really love my family.Help my parents to be strong for all the problem that come in life and give them a long long longer life to be in our side.Help all the people who suffering in life make them strong and lyt there mind those people who’s taking the wrong way and guide them to the ryt way going to you…thanks for all Mama Mary and to ur blessed son Jesus !

  33. Fatima ..
    I know how hard it was for you.. For what you passed throw .. I can’t imagine the pain .. but always remember that Jesus is always next to us.. And our beloved mother Mary will always be there when we fall..And I am sure she will help u so dont give up keep praying the things will end up good..

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