Husband’s Prayer For Spouse With Alzheimer’s

Missing You

Missing You
Yet your essence stays,
Lost inside a mind
That strays.

What once we knew
Still locked inside,
I love you still
My lovely bride.

We made vows
To love till death.
I honor you
And do what’s best.

I love you so
Hoping you still know,
I am here for you
Lord, get me through.

I lift you up
To heaven each day,
I ask for healing
As I pray.

God gives us no more
Than we can bear,
He allows our trials
Yet comfort’s there.
His open arms
To run into.

Jesus I will love Her
Just Like you!
Jesus! Lord!
I trust in you!

Though He slay me, yet will I serve Him (Job 13:15)

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson
– – – A husband’s prayer for his spouse with Alzheimer’s disease

4 thoughts on “Husband’s Prayer For Spouse With Alzheimer’s”

  1. I write from the heart Holy Spirit Speaks I listen. Please send me comments on this and my poetry in poems under Cyndi Robinson. Searchable on the sight Turn Back To God.

  2. Beautyfully written and stays in accordance with God’s laws… “Stay married to the one you are with”.

  3. How very beautiful. I cried when I read this. When writing elicits tears, it is said to be good writing. Bless you. I am currently writing a piece on elder care, how to keep your loved ones active and engaged. It doesn’t really address Alzheimer’s but does resonate where there is mild dementia.

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