Prayer For Hurricane Sandy’s Victims

Prayer For Hurricane Sandy's Victims

O Lord,
You are a shelter from the storm.
Your view is a higher view.
You ride on the wings of the wind,
and Your love for us is deeper than
the ocean’s depths.

Be with all Your children through
this long night of raging…
through days of unknowing…
through changes unbidden…
through it all.

Heal our land.


– – – prayer by B.D.Harr for victims of Hurricane Sandy

2 thoughts on “Prayer For Hurricane Sandy’s Victims”

  1. My heartfelt concern reach out to the USA at this time, particularly for those who are devastatingly affected by this tragedy. I pray that God,who is all powerful, full of compassion, mercy and love will sustain those in distress: that in this crisis that people will be united in love, overlook their differences and reach out to each other with respect in whatever way they could. I pray in faith for the folks in the USA. May God help and continually bless America. Amen. Zena

  2. I really pray for the destruction caused by Sandy storm.
    Similarly pray for the destruction caused to Tamilnadu due Neelam storm.
    And also for the war victims of Tamil Eelam(Srilanka)

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