Here’s Life

Bread of Heaven

Our God is the One who gives life. Everything about God is connected to life.

The revelation of this life-giving God was progressive in the Scriptures. That is why we find priests, judges, prophets and kings standing as mediators between God and man in the Old Testament. Similarly, different rituals, sacrifices and festivals were to be conducted to meet the requirements of God’s law.

However, through Jesus Christ, the entire picture changed. So, in the New Testament, Jesus stands as the single perfect mediator between God and man. He also met all the requirements of God’s law. Thus rituals, sacrifices and festivals came to an end.

Through Jesus, the way is now open for anyone who desires to come to God the Father. There is no more a need for a person, ritual, sacrifice or festival to appease God. Jesus has paid it all. There is no more any distinction between rich or poor, educated or uneducated, black or white, Asians or Europeans.

Everyone is equal to God.

After Jesus’ ascension to heaven, the Holy Spirit came upon the earth in His fullness. All who follow Christ are now led by the Holy Spirit. They experience awesome life through the Holy Spirit. So, when the Old Testament law didn’t give life to people, the Holy Spirit gives life. This is what apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 3:6, “…the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life”.

In these days, God is pouring out His Spirit upon all people. You can experience the freshness of the Holy Spirit every moment of your life. When you pass through tough times, the Holy Spirit will give you peace and joy. He will help you to overcome every obstacle that stands in your way. He will help you to get up even when you fall down. He will instruct you to take the right directions toward your victorious destiny.

May God help you to walk with the life-giving Holy Spirit everyday of your life.

– – – By Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe

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