Why God made Vultures

Vulture on Sky

I was positive…something lay dead on the beach just ahead of me. The evidence was clear- the area was covered with vultures.  As I drew near, I could see the remains of a  large dead sea turtle. It’s skull remained, but all of the flesh was gone, and the birds were feasting on some remains inside the cracked shell.

The birds were very bold and unafraid, standing their ground until I was within a yard or so of their meal.  I took a good look, and, I must say, those birds really repulsed me.  Their black feathers seemed all askew, not sleek and smooth like the blackbirds’. Some had red marking around their beak, reminding me of the flesh they were eating.  Their beaks were curved and foreboding looking- ready to dig into the dead and rotting sea turtle remains.

I was really quite appalled by the scene, and those ugly birds made me cringe!  I prefer the delightful, chirpy, pretty birds- those which are pleasing to the eye and sing a melody for me to listen to.

But then I thought, God made all the birds, and for each one He gave a purpose. That purpose may be spreading seed, giving beauty to the eye of the beholder, or perhaps, even being the clean up crew…. the scavengers who pick away at dead animal remains.

Just as God made all kinds of birds, He made all kinds of people. Some are more lovely on the outside than other, and some have “cleaner” jobs than others.  However, each person has a purpose for being on this earth. I am thankful God sees through His eyes of love as He looks down upon humanity.  He sees each of us with the potential He gave us, not judging us by our looks or the “delightfulness” of our jobs.

My vision is shallow and slanted, even when I observe God’s creatures.  How wrong for me to be so judgmental.

I pray God will give me eyes and a heart to see beauty in all of His creation ..not just what I deem deserving.  Likewise, I want to see and admire people for who they are.. children of God, made in His image.

– – – written by Marion Smith

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