Social Media : The Latest Avenue To Strengthen Youth’s Faith

Faith and Social Media

Can Social Media Be the Best and Latest Avenue to Strengthen Youth’s Faith?

The social media has taken every one of us to another place where distance and imagination are not a big deal. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are very famous right now and already become a household name. Social media truly connects people efficiently and almost make the whole world a few clicks away.

Popularity has two sides; these are the positive and the negative. People have different thoughts with the popularity that social media gets today and how it affects people and communities, especially the youth. Most of our youth today are spending so much time in Facebook and Twitter these days. There are many contradicting concerns with these because some crimes and scandals are rampant in these networking sites. These incidents are really alarming and needs immediate response.Social sites are initially built to make communication easier for everyone but some took so much advantage of this and fooled many.

One of the biggest questions that are thrown to social media right now is, “Can social media be the best and latest avenue to strengthen youth’s faith?”

This is very relevant because you can even notice how young kids are more familiar with Angry Birds, Tweets and photo posting than verses in the Bible. The religious institutions face another challenge since the social media emerged. This requires them to work harder to reach the youth in much easier and faster ways.

It is very amazing how the social media also helped in spreading the great Word of God. There are applications like My Favorite Bible Verse, Daily Blessings, Daily Devotions and Their Eyes Are Watching God especially formed to spread the words of God in a very interesting manner that excites the youth. In Twitter, youth can follow religious organizations and people who also share Godly messages and ideas. There are different channels for them to learn and be inspired.

These are very effective ways of reaching most youth in this decade. They can still be aware that they have to believe and worship God and His works despite the modernity of the moment. It is a brilliant tactic to meet the younger generation in the place where their interests are more attuned. Social media is the new platform that the kids today are using to explore the world, learn from others, build great relationships and express their selves. This has also given enough space for Christian and other religions to share their faith and beliefs to a broader worldwide audience.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites help youth to appreciate and live by the word of the Lord. Various applications are made to provide for the sacred needs of most of us. We should not judge social media as pure temptation and a work of evil. Technology changes with time and this welcomes a different form of communication in every moment. Even if there are crimes or scandalous events happening due to the misuse of this thing, we should not close our doors and minds to it.

Social media is not just a place to make friends, chat, update your status, display your photos, post videos or advertise products and services. It is also the spot where people from various places with different shapes and status meet and have equal chance to contribute different religious views. This even takes spirituality in a different height. Social media can definitely be the best and latest avenue to strengthen the youth’s faith with God.

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