The Circumstances of Life

The Circumstances of Life

Two prospectors went to a desert in search for gold. They carefully noted every landmark, because to be lost could mean certain death. One night a great storm drove them into a cave, and from there they watched the lightning flash. Soon the rain began to pour and floodwaters gushed across the desert, ripping up cacti and completely changing the terrain.

One of the prospectors cried out in panic, “All the landmarks are swept away and we are lost!” But the other man calmly said, “Wait! Soon the storm clouds will be gone, and we will see the sky.” Sure enough the clouds rolled back and when the two prospectors saw the stars, they found their bearings.

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The prospectors have faded into history, but the panic that one feels when the landmarks are swept away is still in the hearts of many people today. People see the landscape of humanity destroyed and are quick to panic. As the prospectors had to wait and look up, so the solution to your concern lies in looking upward.

Two things give me peace amidst the storms of life. One is by looking at the stars in the heavens, I realize that the God who placed them above, eons of years ago, is the same today. Second, by remembering the ruins of ancient civilizations, I realize that the problems confronting me are not here to stay. They are merely part of the challenge of life, and they, like the civilizations of the past, will not be with me forever.

It is by looking upward that gives us bearing when the circumstances of life are chaotic. There is the anchor of a loving God who never changes. He speaks to our hearts today amidst the thunder and roar of life.

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