ABC’s of Multiculture

ABC's of Multiculture

ABC’s to live in this multicultural world

A is for AWARENESS of those around us

B is for BEAUTY for all people

C is for CARING about each other

D is for DIGNITY that we all possess

E is for ETHNICITY of which we would be proud

F is for FEELING, important to us all

G is for GIVING of ourselves

H is for HOPE for a better tomorrow

I is for INTEGRITY, our standards tell so about us

J is for JOINTLY working together

K is for KNOWLEDGE which erases ignorance

L is for LOVE to be shared

M is for MANKIND, the entire human race

N is for NOBODY is unimportant

O is for OPTIMISM which enhances everyone’s life

P is for PROGRESS made toward understanding

Q is for being QUIET when asked

R is for RESPECT for oneself and others

S is for SELF-WORTH which we should never be without

T is for TOLERANCE toward others

U is for UNDERSTANDING different cultures

V is for VALUES learned along the way

W is for WEALTH gained by sharing our diversity

X is for X-RAY vision that helps us see the good in others

Y is for YOU. Make your life what you want it to be, forward and upward

Z is for ZEAL to appreciate a multicultural world

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