Prayer For A Life Partner

Prayer for a life partner

Lord, You said that it is not good for us to be alone. You made us for each other. But Lord, I find it so hard to find that mate who would be a good spouse. Help me, Lord, to put this yearning for marriage in its proper place.

Lead me, Lord, to the one whom You choose for my spouse. While I wait for You to reveal Your Will in this matter, help me to know myself better. Help me to address those areas of my life which are disordered and which would interfere with my having a successful marriage. When my desire to find a spouse becomes all consuming, help me to relax and practice patience. Help me to invest in wholesome friendships which bring me closer to You and which will assist me in making such an important decision. It is so natural, Lord, to seek love.

Teach me to seek You first and to learn to give love before I try to receive it. Help me to remember that whatever journey this life leads me on, You are always present, always offering companionship, and always filling my deepest need. I offer You, Lord, my loneliness and my longing for marriage. I wait for You to lead me to Your perfect Will for me in this and all things. Amen.

I hope this is the perfect prayer for a life partner or spouse or marriage mate.

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  1. Heavely father I come into your presence asking for your love, guidance and wisdom into my life.I have been hurt and disapointed by men who left me heart broken. late last year I met a handsome man , I really love him with all my heart I never felt like this before, but I think he doesn’t love me he will also hurt me. Father I am confused I need your direction, Lord show me the sign if he is Mr Right but if not give me the strength.I tried to ignore my feelings for him but is not working. Father let your will be done Amen.

  2. Ladies and Gents who are looking for a life partner/ spouse please read this. I have been reading most of the responses and personal prayers and so far I liked what I’ve read. Im gonna share to you simple Biblical tips on how to achieve your dream. Read Matthew 7:7. the words “ASK”, “SEEK” and “KNOCK” are in very specific order. First you must ask God thru prayer for a life partner. Ask it with pure intentions and with a prayerful spirit. Next is seek him or her out. If you want to find a God fearing husband, don’t go and look for him in the bar ok? It is most likely she/he can be found in nicer/quitter places- places that are more in touch with God. Never grow tired of seeking. Seeking also means finding new acquaintances and friends and reconnecting with forgotten relatives and old friends. Go out your way to help others and have the sincerity to do so. The last phase is knock- Have the courage to knock. this goes specially for the guys. Have the courage to knock at the door of her hurt. Remember that Fortune always favors the bold. While you are in the process of doing this things, keep on praying and have tons of patience because you will need lots of patience when you enter a life of marriage. Who knows? Maybe his is the way God is preparing you for you future spouse. ;-)

  3. in connection to my previous post:
    I would like to add something more in the SEEKING PHASE: 1. Be comely- what ever financial status you are in or situation you are in always remember to be comely. do your very best to maintain an attractive appearance both inside and outside. Display a positive and attitude, not defeat and negativism. 2. Always remember to smile, smile, smile 3. Be your self- don’t try to mimic others in order for others to like you. I wish us all well for our search!

  4. Heavenly father please bless me with a caring, wonderful, loving man who will appreciate me for who I am , I have been in an out of bad, hurtful relationships with man which left a serious painful experiences in my life. But I believe in you Lord that you will direct that good man to me. please help me to be patient and let your will be done. in Jesus name.

  5. for this prayer i believe that this year is my year of jesus name.amen.i believe what i asked him he will his word says abide in me and my word in you anything you asked it will be given.

  6. God, I pray for you to send me a faithful man someone who LOVES me and respects me always. I was married now divorce. He left me twice for a women then wants to see other women. I want a man who cares for me for me not use me because I am a strong women. I am focused and confident. Bring him into my life right now. I am lonely and need Jesus to bring my future husband to me. Lead him to me now. AMEN

  7. i hope Lord that u send me a faithful someone who loves , respect and care me…. i’m so lonely in my life…. i need someone in my life and a cute child…… i need someone that i can take care… a someone who’s going to accept me of who I’am.


  8. Dear lord. I have fallen in love with a man called john. Please bring us together as I no I can bring our families together and this will bring so much joy to all. Iv waited so many years to find someone like this. Please help me open up my heart and send my love to him. Amen.

  9. Please pray for me, I want a perfect life partner who is very loving , caring, understanding n my inner calling,plzzzz pray for me…

  10. That’s a powerful prayer.i feel like it is meant for me,I have been through one heartbreak after the other and now I’m just going to leave it to the lord to provide me with a life partner

  11. Please prayer for me to get back my lover n his love n affection towards me
    His should understand me n be wid me wid lot of love and affection n understanding n importance to me
    His name is Sharan my name is Neeraja we loving each other from five year’s Bt suddenly due to his family his neglecting n ignore me nt even called to me n nt even talking to me avoiding me allways from two months
    So god nly should fill lot of love and affection n understanding n importance in his heart towards me please prayer for me god nly should bring happy n joy to my life n made his my self as husband and wife rest of my lives god Please prayer for me to get back my lover n his love n affection towards me
    I’m requests u to plz prayer for mePlease prayer for me

  12. Im praying and trusting God to lead me to my life partner. tomorrow i turn 45 and when i look back i have every reason to thank God for this far he has brought me. I’m still trusting him for a husband. for i know that im fearfully and wonderful made and still young.

  13. Please pray for me. I found the wife I prayed for God to send me and i give him praise. She is Someone who’s after God’s own heart and come to find out, shes a dreamer as well. But now that I found her, I don’t know how to approach her. I think I’m afraid of rejection but I pray God helps me do everything right. I’m praying God helps me. When we’re on the phone I have nothing to say but when I do say something it’s about the Lord and I still feel like I’m blabbering. I pray God help me win her heart and her friendship.

  14. There’s a woman I could very much be interested in. I could use prayer for God to lead me to my life partner. I want to be sure the person is the right one for me and that I know I love them irrevocably. I could use prayer over the connections with this woman and what happens. Thank you

  15. I pray that I may be blessed with a GOD fearing man whom we can respect, share good and bad moments together and that we may get married and start a family in the year 2017.Amen

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