Spiritual War

Spiritual War

The result of spiritual war depends not on the enemy but on the one who fights.

Youth of the time finds challenges; sometimes upto the bottom of their suffering strength. But it is not without a plan. Fight can be done gaining and losing. The way we fight and our attitude is important.

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The Bible says that there was a prolonged warfare between the house of David and the house of Saul. David waxed stronger and stronger while the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker.

God anointed David as the King of Israel long time ago. He did not make David a King immediately. It took years of humiliations, life of exile and prolonged warfare before David became anything. David hid in caves and lived as a fugitive.

He looked to the mountains and cried, “where shall my help come from”. He complained to God, “my God, my God why have you forsaken me”. It looked as if his complaints were falling on deaf years. It is difficult to be a King. When God anoints a King after his heart, He will prepare him through rigorous discipline. A king is anointed by a prophet. David could not have become a king with out Samuel.

Remember, when David was running away from Saul, the priest presented him with the sword of Goliath and David ate the consecrated bread. The sword represents the Holy Spirit and the consecrated bread represents Jesus. You need Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Spirit of God to fight the spiritual battles ahead of you.

Spiritual life is a prolonged warfare. It is by a gradual process that God takes us to our destiny. We advance inch by inch. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we feel like giving up. It is a tumultuous struggle full of turmoil. The end result is rewarding, because we will become worthy to be called the children of God.

Real kings are made in the furnace of God. They will stand the test of time.

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