Elijah, Jezebel and Ahab

Queen Jezebel was a pagan queen, married to Ahab, the king of the Jewish people. She brought pagan practices to Israel and destroyed the altars of the one living God. She intimidated God’s people and literally ruled the Israelites with an iron hand. She cunningly turned Ahab into a puppet king, using seduction and charm and thereby abolished the name of the Lord of Israel from the land of Israel.

Why do Jesus who lived hundreds of years later talk about this woman in the prophetic book of revelation? Jezebel represents a spiritual force, still at work in the world. The spirit of Jezebel represents seduction and deception. This spirit dethrones spiritual hierarchy and questions man’s priestly authority at home. The woman Jezebel in the bible killed the prophets of the Most High God and brought a reign of terror in ancient Israel.

It can be seen that God had to send two double portion anointed prophets (Elijah and Elisha) and Jehu, the powerful warrior, to contain this woman. The intensity of the battle between the prophet of the God of Israel and the prophets of Baal unfolds at Mount Carmel, when Elijah brings fire from heaven and kills the prophets of Baal. It was a dark age in the history of God’s people, a time of physical and spiritual drought.

The Modern Jezebel

The spirit of Jezebel is still active and the church is called to confront it. This spirit is not a woman or a man, but a spirit of darkness manifesting itself as a perverted and deceptive ideology. The practice of murdering unborn children in the name of feminism and the popularity of witchcraft in music and children’s literature are examples of this ideology. It takes the name of pro-choice and liberal literature. It is deeply rooted in the idea of corrupting young minds and making it lukewarm to God’s word.

It steals childhood innocence through multifaceted attack aimed at derailing the moral compass of a generation. It is easy to corrupt a generation by using politically correct statements like ‘hate crime’ and ‘individual choices’. Think of this-how did communist Russia and Nazis indoctrinate a generation? The answer is simple-catch them young. The Christian world is slipping into the slippery slope of moral relativism and is practicing lukewarm relationship with Jesus.

How to put an end to the modern Jezebel?

Jesus is calling to put an end to it. How do we do this? We should not bash people, but should stand up for the truth. The eternal truth of God cannot be diluted. We cannot serve God and Baal at the same time. We are called to take up a stand. These are testing times for the church, and God is calling righteous people to stand up. Love sinners as we ourselves are sinners, but hate the sinful ideology.

The Catholic Church honors Mary as the Lady of Mount Carmel. Mary is the mother of the word incarnate and she represents everything noble about motherhood and womanhood. God has put enmity between Mary and the devil and between Mary’s seed and the devil’s seed. She has the authority to crush the head of Satan. Call the mother of our church. Cry out to her for help. Mount Carmel represents the triumph of God’s people over Jezebel’s people and Mary of Mount Carmel will assist us in this end time battle

Today, we are called to stand under the banner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, to destroy the sins of abortion, adultery, seduction and worldly power within us and outside us.

– – – written by Dr. Jacob C Tony