Do You Find Opportunity Or Excuse?

Opportunity Or Excuse

You and I are called to be channels of blessing to someone every day. Sadly, many times, I have heard brilliant people saying different excuses for not being a blessing to others.

Jesus was often moved with compassion and met the needs of people. He never found any reason to excuse himself from helping them. As seen in Matthew 14:13-21, Jesus wanted to feed those who came to Him to listen to His teaching. But His disciples asked Him to send the people away. They said, “We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish!” They found an excuse but Jesus was looking for an opportunity to help people.

He, then, asked them to bring what they have. And he multiplied it! I believe that is what He is telling us too – to bring Him everything that we have!

God is not demanding anything other than our willingness. Allow the Lord to flow through you. I believe everyone can be a blessing to someone around them. And it is God’s will. Be a channel of encouragement. Be a giver of love.

Here’s a question for self-evaluation:

Are you a person who finds opportunities to bless lives or are you someone who always finds excuses?

– – – written by Ancy Joe

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