Each one Teach one as the Divine Teacher did

Each one Teach one

Hello friends, the holy season of lent is round the corner. In every Lent season, we reconsider the way we live.  Every year we try to let go of our bad habits & vices. For what we do all of this? The answer is: TO BECOME CHRIST-LIKE. We’re so engrossed getting rid of our vices during Lent that we forget to inculcate the Virtues of JESUS.

Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen says that if you want to get rid of the devil in your heart, crowd your heart with JESUS. Fill Jesus inside; the devil will get suffocated & leave.

One deed of our LORD on earth was to enlighten people. Jesus calls himself the Light of the World, the Light of Life (John 8:12). People in turn called HIM as ‘RABBONI’ which means TEACHER. As there were people hungry for wisdom in the time of Jesus, there are also people today who deserve wisdom & education but can hardly afford it.

You may wonder … What would JESUS do if he encountered such a situation? HE would do as he did earlier gather the crowd & teach them for FREE. HE said, “Freely ye have received, freely give. (Matthew 10:7)”

This lent let us imitate our LORD & teach such underprivileged kids.

For the execution of this noble deed there is an NGO named ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE’. All you have to do is teach kids ‘2 hours’ a week. That is very little Our Lord could ask from us. Jesus said in the Bible ‘Let them come to ME. Do not stop them’

LET US BRING KIDS TO JESUS: THE ETERNAL WISDOM, by giving them some quality education.

For further details on how to join the organization, please mail at the following address: thind.jasmeet@gmail.com

Note: This organization can be joined by people in India only. People outside India may help by spreading the word & praying for this cause.

Visit MAD – Making A Difference to know more about MAD.

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  1. Thanks Georgy for publishing this article . Its an earnest appeal to all people reading this article to at least contemplate upon taking part in this noble deed. Let your lent be filled with deeds of charity . God bless you guys !!!!!!!!!!

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