MAD – Making A Difference

MAD - Making A Difference

I thought they were really mad, mad about posh lifestyle, eating pizzas,biking with girlfriends,abusing parents & old people, no determination, no destiny, no life…nothing! How someone who dont know their own life can help improve others? I was concerned about them-the so called “Young Malayalis!” but this group, a group of young, talented,energetic people from Gods own country (Kerala), they are amazing! They said me they are “MAD” but they redefined it as “Making A Difference” , YES! I was not even knowing that such a movement was going on just in front of my eyes. Are you wondering what hell in the world am speaking about?

Its about an organisation named “MAD – Making A Difference” started 2 years ago in Cochin.

What’s MAD all about?

We are an Organization of young people working amongst orphans and other unprivileged kids to provide them with quality education so that one day it shall empower them to stand on their own feet and when the times comes fly away. We try not to grill into their heads the tedious school syllabus but instead prepare them face life better by improving their communication skills, computer skills and their overall personality.

The Vision:

“To Bridge the inequality in society through education”

The Need:

* Children studying in orphanages are intelligent, but why do they never make it big academically? The YMCA poor boys home, Kakkanad has seen only one graduate in the last five years. Most of the others end up in menial jobs.
* We want to bring about a situation where all children decide their careers based on their aspirations and potential rather than on their financial backgrounds.
* The education provided to them does not prepare them in vital areas like communication skills, English, basic computer awareness, personality development etc.
* These children are unaware of what their future academic options are, do not get adequate support, lack the educational background and hence lose out in the race for their dreams.
* So those who aspire to become doctors and engineers end up as carpenters or plumbers.

How the Youth can help

* Youth are the future. Being a part of it, we realized how “we always wanted to help but never knew how.”
* The youth of today are articulate, knowledgeable about their academic environment and are a great source of unbounded idealism to Make A Difference.
* They can share their knowledge, help develop their communication skills, raise their morale and increase awareness of future options and opportunities.
* The children need somebody to talk to them, counsel them and guide them into the future. Youth have the time and can relate to them.

How can we “Make A Difference”

Children and Orphanages

* Imparting quality education, which is practically oriented and enormously helpful for their future without any cost to them.
* Guidance on future career opportunities, scholarship availability, and other academically oriented information through our volunteers and website.
* Reminding the children that they are not alone in their struggle and that people do care.
* Providing them with examples of achievers within them through the “Achievers of the Month” section in our website.
* Getting them in touch with people of their age group from privileged sections of society, to whom they can relate to and learn from.
* Helping meritorious students to get funding for future education.
* Improving their infrastructural facilities in their organizations by starting libraries and generating awareness about their needs with specialized agencies like “Round Table of India.”


* Make you more conscious of their social responsibility and sensitize you to the needs of the underprivileged in their surroundings.
* Our panel of experts, who are top of the line and will coach you in the art of teaching and help them with syllabus.
* Provide a conduit you otherwise would not have had, to channelize your efforts.
* A chance to change things for the better and “Make A Difference.”
* Teaching someone is actually teaching yourselves. There is no better way to enhance your knowledge.
* We hope to get you recognition for your work by affiliating to institutions of repute like Young Indians (Youth wing of CII), Round Table of India etc., provide you with certificates and publicize your efforts.
* We will enrich you with the interactions you have with sections of society you would never have met otherwise.
* Provide you an opportunity to manage schools and take up posts in the organization, developing your managerial talents and leadership skills.


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  1. I am part of a group incidentally having the same name ie. MAD but Making A Difference. We are based in Dubai. We are Malayalis also. We try and find causes around us where we can make a difference. Our website is We could work in conjunction for the same glory of GOD. After all, what’s in a name if all we do is GOOD in the the eyes of the Almighty. Is there anything we can do here that will help you, please let us know.

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