Never Sin


Once there was a child and mother living in a small house. Mother always wanted her son to live as a god fearing child. As he started growing up, mother noticed that her child is living in a wrong way by cheating his friends while playing, and  abusing them with bad words.

There was a beautiful door which was nicely painted. The child loved that door so much. So one day the mother said to the child that whenever you do a wrong thing then I will hit a nail on the door and the child agreed.

As he was growing, he started doing sins more and more and so more nails got hit on the door. Now the door was full of nails and lost its beauty.

Each nail represented his sin. One fine day, as he saw the door he realised that he must not sin anymore in his life and went to his  mom and said “Mom, from today I want to live righteous life. Promise me that You will remove all the nails which was hit on the door.” Mother told him “If you are not going to sin any more,  then no more nails on a door.”

His mom started removing all the nails on the door at once but still the door looked ugly because of nail holes. The child got so upset at this as because of his own sins, the door  had lost its beauty and so he left the home.

At night when he came back to home and saw the Door, it was nicely polished with beautiful colours and it got back its beauty. Now the child was so happy as the door became perfect without nails or holes and the mother was so happy for her son .

Jesus Christ was nailed and crucified for our sins on a cross 2000 years back but we people nail him everyday by our sins. Please, at least from today let us realize our own sins and avoid them to make Christ free from this pain.

– – – written by angel

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