Faith In Action

Faith In Action

Faith in Action – Do we always act in faith? Read on.

There’s a story of an old grandma. Once she prayed, “Lord, I am going out for shopping. Since it’s a bit cloudy today, I pray that let there be no rain. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I believe that it won’t rain today. Amen”. Then she took her newly purchased umbrella and left the house!

Like this grandma, sometimes people believe God for something but act contrary to what they believe for. As we read the Gospel stories, we often find Jesus doing things for individuals who put their faith in Him and demonstrated their faith with corresponding actions.

One such instance is that of the Syrophoenician woman who approached Jesus for her little daughter who was tormented by an evil spirit (Mark 7:24-30). Though it seemed initially as if her request wouldn’t be granted, she acted in faith with determination. That motivated Jesus to release miraculous deliverance to her daughter.

We must be like this woman. We must ask God to meet our needs and be determined to hold on till we receive it. When things happen contrary to our requests, we must act in faith.

Why is acting in faith so important? It’s because faith and actions are like the wings of a bird. It takes two wings for a bird to fly. Likewise faith plus corresponding actions bring answers to your prayers (James 2:17).

For example, if a person desires to have a car, it’s not enough that he asks God for a car and keep confessing that he would receive a car. He also needs to find time to go to a car dealer and check out some models and the rates!

It’s your determination that moves you to act in faith. Decide not to be half-hearted and passionless. Be strengthened by God’s Spirit and His promises.

Achievers are not people who believe God since they don’t have any problems. Rather they are people who believe God and act out their faith in spite of problems! So its time to express our faith in action.

– – – written by Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe

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  1. There is only one problem with this article…the car I’ve had for almost 3 years was given to me by a friend and sister in Christ that I’ve had for 30 years now. God took care of me and my family and gave us many miracles along the way when we were in deep need. God will go further then half way if we do our part…but seeing as many are jobless or homeless, please do not put forth a picture of “faith by works.” Without God sending someone to my rescue time and again, I would be dead. I was sold as an infant because my parents did not want me. I somehow knew as a child something had to change for me. I started work at age 10 to help myself. But his intervention has kept me all these years.

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