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March 9th, 2010

Blessed Unity

Blessed Trinity

Precious oneness, blessed unity;
wrapped in Love
of  the Holy Trinity.

In one accord, steady gazing;
upon His beauty
a fire blazing!

His passion known in worship sweet;
hearts abound
at His feet!

Blessed unity, Love’s mystery known;
in communion of hearts
around the throne!

Soaring the heights,,of Love extended;
perfect in One
differences transcended.

A Body of One,
caught in love between Three,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
for all the world to see.

In Holy Trinity
Blessed Unity

By Connie Ciccone © November 2006

March 9th, 2010

Poem : I surrender

I surrender

Father above it is my one true desire,
To know You and love You more.
All of my days I want to serve You,
It’s You I live for.

You are the reason that I live,
Each day is a gift from You.
So Father it is my heart’s desire,
To serve You in all that I do.

Lord I surrender my heart and my soul,
Let Thy will be done.
I’m here for You Father, please use me,
To win lost hearts one by one.

I’ll shout to the world that You are my God,
Ashamed I will never be.
I’ll live my life so that others can see,
That You are living in me.

To live all my days serving You.
Is my desire dear Lord.
To love You and know You fills me with joy,
Loving You is my reward.

So today I give you all of my troubles
worries and strongholds
Knowing that you transform me
Into your perfect mold!

For loving You I know for Sure
Is my great reward
Romans 12:2

– – – written by Connie Ciccone © November 2006

March 7th, 2010

But then He said Lets Pray

Kneel before Jesus

I sat upon the edge one day
To cast my gaze below,
Observing what was said and done
By men I did not know.

Thus caught my eye a horrid sight
I all but understood
And jumping up, my head amiss,
Flew quickly as I could.

Before my King I humbly came,
Cast on my knees in prayer;
With quiet voice and aching heart
I questioned the worlds current affairs?

He picked me up with gentle hands
And searched me with His eyes;
He set me there before His throne
And turned to part the skies.

He told me then of man, all loved,
Who breathed His very breath;
He told me how He gave them all,
By suffering in His death.

“And yet,” cried I, “they love You not,
But few do seek Your name;
There seems no thought of Heaven or hell;
“For them, life is just a game!”

He turned His head – I saw the tears –
As He watched the world below;
Then breathed to me a painful sigh,
“I know, my child, I know.”

But then He said Lets Pray!

– – – By Connie Ciccone ©November 2006

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