Poem : Easter Sunday Service

Easter Sunday

Lord, how I love your Easter Sunday Service,
Every bright and Sunday morning, 10:45
Oh, how I love to hear your choir sing, He’s risen
And sweet songs about the Master’s el shaddai
Right now for me just being in God’s presence
Is all that really matters at this precious time

Now there’s scripture For This Easter Sunday Service
Of how Mary stood there crying by that tomb of stone
Then she turned and saw her Master and He was smiling
And Mary knew He was the holy one, that she loved so

Hell is hot….. Heavens high
And we’re somewhere in between
But have no fear, for the shepherds come
To bring in all the sheep

I exalt and call him my Lord
He opens every door
I sing praise to my Lord
My resurrected king

Lord, I’m so glad to praise the name of Jesus
In a holy place with angels all gathered around
Where people say good morning sir, may God bless you
Oh it’s the Easter Sunday service coming around
I’ll come again and again…. to praise the great “I AM”
This Easter Sunday service is coming around… coming around

Thank you Jesus

– – – Written and sung by Singer/songwriter Gary Matthews

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