Rosary Defined

The rosary may be just a chaplet of beads,
Its meaning is clearly seen,
Every bead is a hymn of praise
To the Mother of God – our Queen.
The 5 Joyful Mysteries tell a tale,
Of a virgin so meek and mild,
Her happiness in bearing a son
And watching him grow from a child.
The 5 Sorrowful Mysteries that follow,
Speak of Mary’s anguish & pain,
Her beloved son was crucified,
So that heaven mankind would gain.
The 5 Glorious Mysteries proclaim to the world,
That Mary was crowned a Queen,
By God the Father in heaven,
The world bows its head in esteem.
So, when you say the Rosary,
You are greeting a lady of grace,
You are praising her son, Lord Jesus,
Who redeemed the whole human race.
– – – By Tess Mascarenhas

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