Tribute To Blessed Mother Teresa

Blessed Mother Teresa

The blessed of the Missionaries of Charity,
An excellent example of love and charity,
To you, let me pay my tribute, humble,
For your many a blessing innumerable,

To one and all you were, indeed, a mother,
Your life has always been for the other,
The least, the lost and the poorest of the poor,
You were in Spirit poor; in word and deed, pure

Fragrance of Christ all around you did spread
To the hungry, you did give food and bread,
To the homeless, you did give home and bed,
For God’s glory great, all you did and said,

With a prayerful heart you did stand for,
The unwanted, the unloved and the uncared for,
You did consider the poor as your own,
For them many a project you did carry on,

We all thank Thee, Jesus Christ our Lord
For this precious gem for our motherland,
To the last and great mandate of Christ,
You did give priority first and foremost,

Honour and glory, in fact, you did bring,
To our Lord, Jesus, and your praise I sing
Charm and grace you did add to your office
You did share our Lord Jesus’ peace and grace

A symbol of empathy and humility,
Your hallmark is down to earth simplicity,
You did identify with the lowest:
Dress of scavengers you chose as model vest

To humanity you did give the best,
And you’ve every right to take rest,
Death, as there is, ever for the Blessed Mother,
There is, sure, a life great and glorious forever.

– – – written by Dr. K.M Mathew Kurisummottil

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